What's in my Hand Luggage?

Fiorelli, Handbag, Shoeaholics, What's in my bag, Holiday
Fiorelli, Handbag, Shoeaholics, What's in my bag, Holiday
Tonight’s post will be the first of five about my recent holiday to Palermo, as I share what’s in my hand luggage.

I’ve needed a new handbag for absolutely ages – I alternate between my Kurt Geiger and Ted Baker ones for work, but they are both in a not very good condition because they’re used so regularly. It’s going to be a while before I manage to buy the Mulberry I want, so I saw this beauty when shopping for sandals on Shoeaholics. The bag by Fiorelli is such a good size for an everyday handbag, especially with the different compartments (perfect for someone like me who’s organised, verging on OCD) – however, for holiday, I do prefer an over-sized bag and did find it quite small. So let’s find out what’s inside...
Fiorelli, Handbag, Shoeaholics, What's in my bag, Holiday
Travel Documents
Of course, passports and boarding passes are a necessity and I looked after both mine and Ashley’s. Usually when I go away, I take a plastic wallet with me to hold everything in, currency included and other documentation. I love to collect tickets and leaflets to accompany my travel journal and/or photo albums so it’s a good place to keep everything in one place before returning and getting creative.

I pack two purses: my ‘English’ one and my ‘Holiday’ one – the latter is a gorgeous little kitty from Ivy Joan. I am one of those people who takes all of their cards away, too, for no particular reason. Obviously the credit card comes in handy at Duty Free and the bar... but do I really need my House of Fraser or Holland & Barrett cards?!

Travel Supplies
I always pack face wipes and/or a hydration spray to keep my skin in good condition, while on the plane. Anti-bacterial hand gel is always a must and that along with the wipes came in handy on the return flight when my feet were swollen. Despite having 20kg of luggage to check-in, I still felt the need to pack two of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, a couple of travel-sized hair products, my trusty cocoa butter Vaseline and some sun tan lotion.

My Line-A-Day diary comes with me everywhere, so I can update it while away. Sometimes I take my every day diary with me, but on this occasion, didn’t feel the need to. I also pack my blogging notebook to make bullet points of restaurants eaten at and places we visited, or things we saw. This makes Trip Advisor reviews and content for the blog easy to compile once I am home.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently reading The Girl on the Train and I was hoping to finish it by the time I came back from holiday. Obviously, when we were in Palermo, there was no time for reading – but I knew I’d get a fair bit read on the plane, as the flight was just under three hours. I did manage to read a lot on the outbound flight, but on the return, I was so tired (we landed just after midnight) and agitated, I just couldn’t.

Polaroid Camera
It doesn’t matter whether I’m away for a weekend, several nights or weeks, I always take my Polaroid on my travels so I can document my trips, to go in my travel journal. I’ll also take a spare pack of paper, in case I run out, and the charger – which I’m glad I did this time, as on the first day, the battery was dead and I was so disappointed! I love returning, captioning the snaps and making my journal look pretty – it’s going to be so good once it’s finished!

Keep an eye out for the next few posts and let me know what you can’t be without when you go on holiday!

Love, Lucy xx

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