Five ways I relax in the evening

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Anyone that follows me on social media will have noticed I’ve not been myself lately. I’ve been permanently tired, grumpy and negative. I shouldn’t let my mood at work affect my home life, relationship, friendships and the person I am on social media – but I have. I’ve felt stressed and anxious, to the point I’ve felt nauseous and I’ve felt as though I am not good enough. It’s been awful, as it’s left me physically and mentally exhausted. I’m always so keen to ensure everyone around me is okay, that I forget about myself – and to me, that’s normal. However, last year, I decided to start putting myself first and it’s the best thing I’ve done – so I’m going to start doing it again. This evening, I thought I’d share five of the things that help me relax when I get home from work.

(1) Hot Bath AND Candles
It may seem obvious, but there is nothing that solves your problems more than a hot bubble bath – and the more bubbles, the better. Lush products will always be my first choice, but at the moment I have this really gorgeous bath soak by Espa, which I love (review to come soon). Add candles and you can relax even more easily. I always have candles lit in my bedroom, but the one I keep in my bathroom stays there – I like both rooms to smell different. In case you’re wondering, the one in my bathroom is Eastern Promise by Heart & Home. It’s so warming.

(2) Adult Colouring
Honestly, I’ve never known anything so stress-relieving and it makes time fly... imagine two hours going by and you’ve only completed the smallest section of your picture. I’ve had my book for over a year, but have probably only completed eight full pages. It’s very therapeutic – although I do want to buy another book, as the patterns in my one are quite samey. I get bored easily. I don’t even get aggy when I go over the lines!

(3) Read a Book
It’s another way to while away the hours in an evening and it’s something I should really do more. I set myself the challenge before of reading a book every month for a year and I managed it, but I’m one of those people who enjoys reading far more on holiday! Ashley recently bought me The Girl on the Train because I wanted to see the film, but read the book first. I WILL get back into reading.

(4) Have a Hot Drink & Watch Something
Like the bath, there’s something comforting about anything hot. I love a mint or fruit tea, or if I’m feeling really bad, a hot milk & honey (I rarely have dairy, so you know something’s up). I’ll then put something on – either a film, stand-up show or get stuck into a series. Pretty Little Liars is next on my list... I can’t believe I’ve not watched it yet, either! I also love Modern Family. And I get wrapped up in my duvet, eventually falling asleep.

(5) Blog
Now this could go one of two ways, it could make me feel loads better, or loads worse. Let’s be honest, blogging can be stressful: the content writing, editing, taking photos, proofing, promoting... but I love writing. And I don’t necessarily mean posting relaxes me. But reading others’ blogs. I’ll read everything on my daily Bloglovin’ email and if I see a new link or post promoted on social media, I’ll read that too. I try and limit how much I use my laptop in the evening, as I spend all day in front of a screen. But for some reason, my brain is more active at night and I’ve been known before to wake up and take notes on ideas.

What tips have you got with dealing with stress and anxiety? I would love to know that I’m not alone.

Love, Lucy xx

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