What I’d tell my 16-year-old self

I’ve got a light-hearted post this evening and it’s one I meant to post at the end of last year. I turned 27 midway through January so it’s been over a decade since I was 16. In that space of time, I feel like I’ve made mistakes, learned a lot but now I’m properly adulting (albeit still living at home). Plus, if you can’t laugh at yourself, girl you got issues. So what would I tell my 16-year-old self?

Invest in GHDs... They may ruin your hair but it will be oh so worth it and it’s gotta be better than being a frizzy mess. I didn’t get mine until my 18th birthday – first world problems, or what?

Makeup – less is more... You definitely have no reason to re-apply your makeup halfway through the day, at the same time every lunch. Who you trying to impress, anyway?

Listen to your parents, they speak a lot of sense... So you may not always see eye-to-eye but it’s not until they’re gone that you’ll realise they were probably right all along and you were a spoilt, obnoxious little bitch

Friends come and go... That’s life. You don’t have to get along with everyone, but true friends will stick by you – no matter the distance, your interests or wider social life

Food is important, but nutrition is too... Having a love/hate relationship with food will mess you up in later life. Don’t deprive yourself and don’t binge. Be healthy and you’ll be happy

Haters gon’ hate... Whether it’s your appearance, your hobbies and interests, your opinions, your friends – someone is always going to dislike you or have something bad to say. The best thing to do is ignore it – we’re all different and it would be boring if we were all the same

Relationships are hard... You’ll have your heart broken and/or break someone’s heart. This will only make you a stronger person, so try not to dwell on it when it all goes wrong. On the plus side, you’ll realise what a great support network you have

Life isn’t supposed to be easy... You’ll make mistakes, learn from them. You may have no idea what you want to do, from an education or career point of view, but you have time to decide. Work hard and everything will eventually fall into place

What would you tell your younger self?

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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