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On the first day of Blogmas... I bring to you my Christmas wish list, featuring low/mid-range products. As I’ve got older, I’ve realised I have expensive tastes and tomorrow you’ll see exactly what I mean. At this time of year, I love reading these kinds of posts – and obviously enjoy sharing them too. So what’s on my wish list, this year?

Of course, Lush products always feature highly and the Snow Fairy range is probably the best thing about Christmas/Winter. I’m absolutely in love with the body conditioner (expect to see it in a future post) and the Magic Wand Bubble Bar was my favourite item from last year’s range. The colour, the scent, the glitter... I love it all!

While I mention necessities, the Dior foundation is my go-to and I have honestly never used a foundation so flawless and simply perfect. Although I recently bought it, I love to have one in reserve, for when it runs out unexpectedly. Similarly, having OP brows is very important and I’m still yet to find a decent pencil. I have heard good things about this Soap & Glory one. And I always use a diary – this one from Paperchase is so cute; I love the glitter cover.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my mum buys me the Tan a Sac – a plastic sheet you fit to the mattress to ensure your fake tan doesn’t stain your sheets. I’ve bought some new sheets recently and mum is forever throwing away white ones that have turned orange. Life is better when you’re tanned – and even better when your sheets are protected! Thank you Sheerluxe for sharing this absolute dream.

A couple of people at work have recommended I watch Once Upon a Time – because of my love for Disney Princesses. I still haven’t seen an episode but I’m sure it’ll become my next series binge. Is it worth the hype?

The Gingerlily Silk Pillowcase was also on my wish list last year and it’s something I’m still lusting over. I think eventually I’ll just treat myself to it. The product claims to help skin retain its natural moisture; keeping it soft, supple and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. While for the hair, it reduces friction and moisture loss, preventing hair from becoming dry and brittle. I need this in my life.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

Love, Lucy xx

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