Blogmas #2 Christmas Wish List II | 2016

On the second day of Blogmas... I bring to you my Christmas wish list, featuring high-end products. If you missed my post yesterday, I made a list of all the ‘cheaper’ products I’d like for Christmas. By no means am I expecting anything from this list and a couple of the items were also on my list last year – so maybe I need to start doing the lottery, or something! So what’s on my wish list, this year?

I’ve wanted a Mulberry bag for as long as I can remember and I’ve always wanted the same one – an original Bayswater in oak – you may have seen it on last year’s list. Well, there’s a new design for the Bayswater and I must have that now, instead. Still in oak, of course. I definitely think it’s something I’ll have to work hard to save up for – but it’s an investment, right? And if I do get my bag, of course I also need a purse. The continental wallet is the same size as my current purse, but with extra card compartments... anyone else feeling my pain with the lack of slots in most purses? I love the neutral clay colour and it certainly wouldn’t get lost in my bag. As someone who is in love with all black errythang when it comes to accessories, I feel like I’m branching out!

Another item from last year’s list are the Charlotte Olympia shoes – last year I wanted the heels, this year I want the flats. I think the entire range is gorgeous and just so inspired. These days I live in flats, so an expensive pair that’ll last feature quite highly on my must-have list. I also wanted a Pandora ring last year and have found a couple that I’d love to have. I wear a lot of costume jewellery for work, but don’t own that many ‘proper’ pieces and I don’t wear rings that much either. The petite bow is super cute, too.

The Desk to Disco lipstick duo has been in my bookmarks for absolutely ages and when it comes to brands, Charlotte Tilbury is definitely up there as one of my favourites. I find the lipsticks long-lasting, non-drying and the formula is rich and creamy. Both shades are very me.

Every year I’m on the look-out for a new perfume and every time I’m at an airport, I try the Viktor & Rolf Bonbon fragrance – I really don’t know why it’s not yet in my collection. I’m a sucker for a cute bottle and this would certainly look great on my dressing table. And finally, talking of fragrances, the sweet almond and macaroon Jo Malone candle sounds incredible. I’m the worst blogger in the world – I’ve never owned a Jo Malone product – but I need to. The mix of cherry, almond and vanilla is heavenly, although I don’t even think I could bring myself to burn this beauty.

Whats on your Christmas wish list this year?

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. I love the new Bayswater too! It's on my wish list xx


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