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As my Twitter followers know, after possibly four long months, I’ve finally reached my target weight. It’s no secret that I’ve been unhappy about my weight for ages and I’ve tried every diet or health kick under the sun. It’s true that quick fixes are just that – and I’ve learnt to adjust my lifestyle in order to get long term results. I hit that magical stone and when I hopped on the scales, I did squeal, as it was a total surprise.

I really don’t make a habit of talking about my weight, especially revealing numbers – but those that did know, couldn’t believe it. My BMI is healthy and my body is in proportion, so I guess it wasn’t noticeable to anyone except myself. I’ll admit I often put unnecessary pressure on myself, but that’s also down to my PCOS. When I was on my medication for it to begin with, I put weight on quickly and I found it so difficult to lose it again, in fact to me, that’s one of the worst thing about the condition. It’s absolutely soul-destroying when you have a reasonably healthy diet, but aren’t losing weight – and in fact gaining it.

I kick started it all when I bought the first book in the Lean in 15 series. I religiously spent Sundays choosing my meals, buying the ingredients and then meal prepping for breakfast and lunch. My meal planner chart from Paperchase was ideal for this. I love being organised and it really helps me keep on track. I then bought some new running shoes – needless to say I’ve been on about four runs – and really got into HIIT workouts, which are quite hardcore but deliver quite quick results. I mixed these up with cardio (power walking and skipping) and also on my ‘lazy’ days, I did the Blogilates YouTube videos. My main focus was on what I was eating, rather than how active I was – after all, abs are made in the kitchen.

I work in an office and anyone that works in a similar environment will know the temptation to snack is unreal. Whether it’s a birthday, or my manager brings in cakes or sausage rolls, there is quite often food – and you are judged if you don’t eat it! My will power isn’t the greatest when it comes to snacks, but I learnt to control it. I drink three cups of green tea a day and found that it suppressed my appetite.

I stick to three meals a day, with two or three snacks during the week. I’ve worked out that this is enough to keep me going at work and I stick to water or green tea. At the weekends, I am more lenient. I’ll probably drink fizzy drinks once a week and then drink every other weekend, depending on my social calendar. I’ve even cut down on sugary snacks and don’t eat sweets as much, so it’s been a success all round. I thought I’d share a rough food diary.

Breakfast – 7.30am
·         Smoothie, made with almond milk with fruit/veg/seeds and protein powder
·         Chia pudding, made with almond milk and natural yogurt, topped with fruit and/or nuts

Snack – 10am
·         Fruit

Snack – 12pm
·         Lentil chips, Sunbites or Snack a Jacks

Lunch – 2pm
·         Chicken salad (sometimes with couscous)
·         Wholewheat pasta with tuna or prawns and veg
·         Homemade lamb koftas with Greek salad

Snack – 4pm
·         Nakd bar
·         Good Full Stop bar

Dinner – 7.30pm
·         My favourite Lean in 15 recipes (oaty chicken, chicken & new potato hash, tortilla pizza, sausage ragu with gnocchi)
·         Grilled chicken with veg/salad
·         Steamed/grilled fish with veg/salad
·         ‘Lazy girl’ omelette with salad

I rarely have dessert after dinner and at 9pm, will have a green tea with lemon. I was doing the Cute Nutrition 28-day teatox as well, but to be honest, don’t think there’s much difference between drinking that blend and having a green or mint tea. I was never really an evening snacker, unless there’s football or a film on – but having that hot drink fills me up until morning.

Next up, I would really like to tone up properly, so if anyone has any sensible (or reasonable) suggestions, please leave them below as they’ll be a great help. Or if you have any questions or want me to talk in more detail about this, my social media links are below.

Love, Lucy xx

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