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If youve not heard of Degustabox, then where have you been? Its a food & drink monthly subscription box bringing you 10-15 surprise products, many which are new to the market. When you sign up, you get to fill in your very own profile, meaning a couple of the products may differ. Its actually the highlight of my week when this little beauty arrives on my doorstep so what was in June’s box?

·         A jar of Haywards silverskin onions
·         A bottle of Branston spicy tomato relish
·         A can of Amoy coconut milk
·         A sachet of  Schwartz American smokehouse burger mix
·         A bottle of Zeo cloudy lemonade
·         A four-pack pot of Sacla classic pesto
·         Two bags of Butterkist yogurt coated popcorn
·         A pot of Bakedin mug brownie mix
·         A can of Marstons King Star lager
·         A box of Smooze mango & coconut fruit ices
·         A packet of Destrooper-Olivier waffle crisps

I’m not entirely sure why this was named the barbecue box – other than the burger mix and relish, I wouldn’t say that this contained items eaten or taken to a barbecue. Back to the post and let’s begin with the savoury items this time round...
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
The Branston spicy tomato relish certainly was spicy – it contained chilli and jalapeno. This was a great burger condiment, but also made a great alternative to salsa with Mexican cuisine. This was loved by everyone in my household so I’m sure we’d buy it again – and even I liked it; I’m not usually a fan of spicy foods. The Schwartz Grill Mates American smokehouse burger mix was incredibly tasty – you can’t beat homemade burgers. We added this to some lean beef mince for a weekday treat. The seasoning was barbecue-y and smoky and just lovely. The Sacla pesto pots were another great success and so versatile. We mixed one with some penne pasta and sausage, while we also stuffed a chicken breast with mozzarella and pesto (and served with butternut squash noodles). I’m thinking chicken skewers and salad for lunch next? Similarly, the Amoy coconut milk was used to make a hearty meal. Amoy is a familiar brand in our house and my mum made a chicken and cashew nut curry with this particular can. I do normally opt for the ‘light’ version, though. The Haywards silverskin onions are currently unopened, but only because we have a couple of jars on the go – I love them, so it won’t last long!
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
I don’t drink beer or lager, so can’t comment on the can of Wychwood King Star – I wish Degustabox would remember our preferences because there’s no point me receiving such items. However the Zeo cloudy lemonade was beaut: the perfect size for taking on a picnic. I’d tried other products by the brand before and enjoyed them – and who doesn’t like cloudy lemonade?
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
There were also plenty of sweet treats in this month’s box. We were lucky to have a snack size and share size bag of Butterkist yogurt coated toffee popcorn – needless to say, I didn’t share. It was far better than the original, the coating was so creamy and moreish. The Smooze fruit ice were lovely too... although I was disappointed not to receive the coconut & pink guava flavour (not to worry, I’ve bought it since from Holland & Barrett). The mango & coconut was refreshing though. The Destrooper-Olivier waffle crisps were badly damaged and in pieces, but that didn’t stop me demolishing them. They had a subtle lemony flavour, which I loved. And finally, I’ve not tried the Bakedin chocolate brownie mug mix yet, but I have had similar products and the concept is genius. When I’m having a bad day, I’ll make this – it’s bound to be rich and indulgent.

Try your first box, with a £7 discount. Either follow this link. Or go to the website and enter my special reference code: LUCYW-2B19. Enjoy!

What were your thoughts on the June box?

Love, Lucy xx

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