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Those that follow me on Instagram will know that I recently bought the Lean in 15 book, by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. And I haven’t been able to put it down since! The recipes are so easy to follow and I find the meals really inspiring – and in some cases, are things I’d never dream of preparing or combining. A lot of the meals actually take longer than 15 minutes, prepping is recommending but I don’t find it any more time-consuming or hassle in comparison to my usual prepping and cooking.

My lunches I often prep in advance and for the week, or at least two/three days at one time and more importantly, I don’t get bored of eating the same thing five days solid. The majority of the recipes serve one or two, so I often just cook for myself – although occasionally, my brother will also have whatever I’m making. He’s like my guinea pig and has given me some really positive feedback as well, which makes it all worthwhile, after commuting/working 11 hour days!

I thought I would quickly share some of the dishes I have tried and if you want to see any individual recipes, please leave me a comment below – or alternatively, tweet me @Luuuce_x. I’ve adapted quite a few of the recipes that I’ve tried, but they’ve all been a success – barring one. Just as a quick side note, Lean in 15 isn’t for you if you’re counting calories – I have found that I’ve been consuming more calories and fat (the good kind!). That said, I still log everything into My Fitness Pal and by following the ‘diet’ (using that term very loosely) and exercise plans, I’ve lost weight and am beginning to tone up.

For breakfast, I’ve recently been sampling the Forza Shake it Slim shakes, but prior to that, I was making overnight oats and smoothies. I don’t have the time to cook eggs or protein pancakes in the morning, unfortunately.

Lean in 15, Body Coach, Lifestyle, Meal Prep, Foodies, Foodspiration
Clockwise from top left – cheesy chicken & chorizo; lamb kofta with Greek salad; prawn & lentil curry (mild); tuna niçoise

Lean in 15, Body Coach, Lifestyle, Meal Prep, Foodies, Foodspiration 
Clockwise from top left – chicken & new potato hash; teriyaki trout with courgetti & tomatoes; pan-fried duck with Asian greens; tortilla pizza

Lean in 15, Body Coach, Lifestyle, Meal Prep, Foodies, Foodspiration
Clockwise from top left – chicken noodles; bacon & spinach with eggs; oaty chicken, paprika potatoes & broccoli; sausage ragu with gnocchi

Have you tried Lean in 15 – how have you found it? Don’t forget to tell me which recipes you’d like to see and also let me know your favourites too. Meal prep beckons...

Love, Lucy xx

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