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In book five, Mia is faced with a number of dilemmas: her fifteenth birthday is coming up, her boyfriend won’t invite her to the prom, she has a major fall-out with best friend Lilly and as always, Grandmere is causing drama.

It all begins on the day of her birthday when Mia attends a family dinner with Michael, at a fancy restaurant. Grandmere arrives with pooch in tow, but when Rommel leaps out of her bag and causes an accident, Grandmere is quick to make a scene – which leads to the busboy involved to be sacked. Mia tries to stand up for him, after all, who takes a dog in their handbag to a restaurant?! But unfortunately, Grandmere is too powerful. However Lilly loves a good news story and gets involved, causing there to be a full-blown protest – and despite being in a relationship with Boris, invites Jangbu (the busboy involved in the accident) to Mia’s birthday party, which she holds at the loft.

In typical American style, a house party means one thing: seven minutes in heaven – it was of course Tina’s idea. Although Mia and Michael go in first (and discuss Senior Prom!), the main talking point is Lilly, who takes Jangbu into the closet, much to the annoyance of Boris – who’s left heartbroken. The party is over when Mia’s mum and Mr G return home, absolutely horrified and everyone (including Michael) is sent packing.

The plot thickens when Tina offers Boris a shoulder to cry on, but it becomes a whole lot more than that. Despite the way she acted, Lilly is annoyed with both Tina and Boris – but that doesn’t stop her and she supports Jangbu and the other migrant workers in their stand against workers’ rights. Unfortunately the strike takes place the day of the Senior Prom and it’s down to Mia to put things right, even though it’s clear she won’t be attending. Somehow she manages enemy Lana (who’s on the prom committee) to allow Michael’s band to play at the event and even Grandmere comes up with an ultra-amazing venue! The good news keeps on coming when Mia finds out that evening, she’s now the big sister to a baby brother!

I’m finding the series so hit and miss, but I absolutely loved book five because there was so much drama and excitement – I honestly couldn’t put it down. Although a lot of the focus was still on me, it was great to have the side plot involving Lilly and Janbgu – plus Mia wasn’t as whiny/needy in this instalment. It was almost as though, turning 15 had changed her and she finally knew what she wanted. From book one, you feel like you’ve grown with the characters and can almost read their minds... hopefully the next book is as good.

Love, Lucy xx

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