Christmas Wish List | 2015

I’ve seen every blogger post gift guides this month, but I’m such a nosey person, I’d rather see what people ask for. I only have a handful of people to buy for myself and generally just buy them what they’ve asked for, so there’s no need for me to be inspired. I love a wish list post and what better way to drop hints? I’ve decided to compile two lists: one low-mid range and one high-end. With my birthday halfway through January, I’m more than happy to have joint presents when they’re that bit pricier – and I can always save up to buy some of these myself. I’ll just add, I’m not expecting any of the high-end items, they’re just a selection of things I’ve wanted for ages (plus the dress will look killer for my birthday celebrations in London!).
Low-mid range wish list

 High-end wish list

Middle row: Tiffany Infinity cuff (£2,225)

What are you wishing for this Christmas? Leave your links below so I can snoop!

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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