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If you’ve seen my last two posts, you’ll know this will be a mini review of book three in the Princess Diaries series (I know, I’m never gonna grow up!). I’m gonna start leaving the links at the end of these posts too, so you can look back.

*Warning: may contain spoilers*

So at the end of book two, we found that Mia has a boyfriend and book three continues with her relationship with Kenny. The only problem is, she has no feelings for her biology partner and longs to be with Michael Moscovitz, Lilly’s older brother. Hey, a having a boyfriend is better than having no boyfriend, right? Especially when the winter dance is coming up. New to the dating game though, Mia hasn’t got the heart to dump Kenny – but Michael has a girlfriend, one who is also a computer geek and can clone fruit flies. Other than being the princess of Genovia, how can Mia compete?

And anyway, boys should be the last thing on her mind: she’s still flunking algebra, her mum is very much loved-up and pregnant with her teacher’s baby and she’s got her finals coming up! Not that school is priority number one, Grandmere has been going way too ott with the princess lessons, booking in media appointments and interviews – not to mention an upcoming visit to Genovia, where she will have to address ‘her people’.  There’s always family drama, but more importantly, the winter dance.

I said in my last post, that I didn’t find the plot that entertaining and the book was easy to put done. Book three was a lot better and definitely more engaging. The introduction of new characters helped keep the plot fresh. I couldn’t wait to read the ending, so this was definitely harder to put down – plus you really get to know the main characters so you feel as though you’re part of the story. Instalment three really brought the focus back to Mia and her crazy busy life and I liked that Tina was a lot more involved, it made her look as though she was the better friend. The style of book three meant that excitement and tension were in equal measure and maintained until the very end so that there were surprises. As soon as I finished, I picked up book four.

Will Mia pass her finals? Will she go to the winter dance with a date? And what will happen to her planned trip to Genovia?

To be continued...

Love, Lucy xxx

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