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September, Monthly Favourites, Yankee, Batiste, Lip Smackers, Simple, Stradivarius, Unique Avenue
September, Monthly Favourites, Yankee, Batiste, Lip Smackers, Simple, Stradivarius, Unique Avenue
This month I’ve found myself wearing autumnal colours a lot more – to be honest, I love all the prints and the rusts, yellows, greens and neutrals. My tartan swing dress (Unique Avenue - £10) is a favourite to wear to work, I love the loose style and it looks great with gold accessories (alternative print here). My auntie bought me the gorgeous mustard yellow floral printed top from Stradivarius (Zara’s sister store and one of my favourites) in Madrid. It’s not a colour I wear often, but it’s perfect for this season and I love to style it with a leather style jacket and leggings.

With the change in season, I cannot be without my selection of Disney Princess Lip Smackers lip balms (£11.99 from Truffle Shuffle). My favourites are Belle (Tea Party Treats, a gorgeous sweet vanilla), Tiana (Kiwi Pie) and Jasmine (Berry Magic). I keep a couple in my handbag, one in my car and one on my desk at work... you never know when you’ll need one!

I’m sure I feature Batiste every other month and if I don’t, then their range of dry shampoos (Superdrug - £1.48 on offer) should feature more regularly. I currently love the tropical fragrance and see it as me holding onto summer. Pina coladas – yummy! I’m not sure if they’ve changed the style of the aerosols, but I’ve found this product sprays a lot better and is much easier to apply, not only to the root. I recently read a misconception blog post (can’t for the life of me find the link) which was actually really interesting.

I’m so late to the whole Micellar Water craze and I’m still yet to try that Garnier product that every blogger has reviewed. I recently picked up the Simple Micellar face wipes in Sainsbury’s (where they’re two for £4). They’re beautifully scented, soft on the skin and unclog pores, while removing all dirt and makeup. While I love to use these in the evening, they’re also great for refreshing the skin in the morning, without the need to cleanse or moisturise.

And finally, you know winter’s on the way when you’re lighting up your Yankee Candles like there’s no tomorrow! There’s nothing better than getting all cosy in bed with a film, book, or your blogging notepad and unwinding with a lovely autumnal (read Christmassy – don’t judge) scent filling the room. I’m currently burning the Vanilla Chai votive, which reminds me of the Starbucks Christmassy drinks. I love the mix of sweet and spicy.  I always stock up at – they have so many lovely accessories as well.

What were your September favourites?

Love, Lucy xx

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