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I’m a lover of a subscription box, I just love the fact that a mysterious monthly parcel will arrive at the door and I have no idea what’s inside – whether it’s food, beauty products or whatever. A gift from me, to me – I get excited every time!
Tokyo Treat, Subscription Box, Japanese Candy, Unboxing

July Box c/o Tokyo Treat
Tokyo Treat is a monthly subscription to a selection of goodies from Japan, ranging from drinks, to savoury snacks; from biscuits to sweets and chocolate. Each box also contains a DIY kit and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that the Japanese love a DIY kit... that and they love grape flavoured sweets, but more about both of those later! Tokyo Treat consists of three levels of subscription:

(1)  Small - $14.99 a month (5-7 treats)
(2)  Regular - $24.99 a month (8-12 treats)
(3)  Premium - $34.99 a month (13-17 treats, including a special item and two DIY kits)

All options include free delivery and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the delivery time and condition of my box, as well as the condition and quality of its contents. Tracking your parcel is easy as you are emailed a link and you can see when it’s left Tokyo and arrived in the UK – once it’s arrived it even gives the exact date and time it’s arrived at your door. It took three days for my box to leave Tokyo and arrive over here, plus a further day for it to arrive – four days is incredibly quick and I was most pleased to find it very well sealed and damage-free.
Tokyo Treat, Subscription Box, Japanese Candy, Unboxing
July Box c/o Tokyo Treat
I was given July’s box for purpose of review and as I received the premium box, I was able to sample the contents of the small and regular boxes, as well as a couple of extra treats. You see the higher the level of subscription, the more you receive. The small level is basic but your parcel will still arrive full of treats. The regular box contains the content of the small with a couple of extra items and then... you get the jist! So what did I receive in my box?
Tokyo Treat, Subscription Box, Japanese Candy, Unboxing
July Box c/o Tokyo Treat
Coconut Pocky – similar to Mikado, these matchstick-style biscuits were covered in milk chocolate and desiccated coconut. Limited edition, they were a real summer treat and incredibly moreish

Chocobi chocolate flavour – these star-shaped biscuits reminded me so much of something, but I couldn’t work it out. They kind of taste like cereal (namely cocopops), are crunchy and incredibly sweet

Zhu-C Cider – think Refreshers, but with flecks of hard sweet in. These were supposedly soda flavour, but to me it was like a cross between sherbet and bubblegum. The blue and green flecks didn’t really add anything to the taste

Nom Nom Jelly Cola – a cola flavoured drink, with the texture of jelly. This is currently in the fridge, but I can’t wait to try it; although I have a feeling it’s going to be quite sweet and sickly – and probably taste like flat cola

Sawabee vinegar flavoured crisps – these ridge cut crisps were light and crunchy. The vinegar was more sweet than acidic. They could have done with some salt, but they’re not your average salt & vinegar crisp
Tokyo Treat, Subscription Box, Japanese Candy, Unboxing
July Box c/o Tokyo Treat
Real Grape Vine Gummy DIY Kit – assemble the plastic vine and then combine a powdered mixture with syrup to create your very own grape gummy sweets. This sounds so much fun, I can’t wait to give it a try!

Tabekka Aquarium biscuits – similar to the Chocobi, these reminded me of flattened Koala March biscuits. Again, these are very sweet and you can’t really tell the difference between the shapes, even though they’re pictured on the box

Uranai-Kko bubblegum – these bubblegum sticks have fortunes written on, not that I can read or understand them! Not much else to say really...

Caramel Corn Tanabata – these are the sweet equivalent of Wotsits! These light puffs of air melt and fizzle on the tongue; taste like peanuts and caramel and are so moreish
Tokyo Treat, Subscription Box, Japanese Candy, Unboxing
July Box c/o Tokyo Treat
Spicy Curry Ramune – this has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t even think I’m brave enough to try it. Why would you make a curry flavoured drink? If that wasn’t off-putting enough, there’s the colour of it too

Animal Bread Cakes DIY Kit – pipe your face on the animal, before filling in the gaps with a block colour and microwaving to reveal your doughy animal. These sound like they’ll be incredibly dense but I’m sure it’ll be fun, right?

Lotte Pie No Mi Blueberry – I like pastry and I like cheesecake so these mini bites look like they’ll be a hit with me

Anpanman Gummies – you can’t go wrong with gummy sweets, although these are mixed citrus fruit and grape! There are 10 characters to spot, if you can be bothered, but I just shovelled them in!

I hadn’t heard of any of the brands or products before, but luckily, each box comes with an a4 sheet explaining the contents, in translated English. I don’t think the sheets get translated into any other language but Tokyo Treat do ship worldwide. One quick point on their customer service – which was excellent: responses are quick and the staff are friendly, helpful and professional. Special thanks to Vanessa for sorting out my box for review, too.

I’d thoroughly recommend Tokyo Treat to anyone interested in foreign snacks, Japanese popular culture or looking for a subscription box that’s a little different from the norm. Still unsure if it’s for you? Why not check out the website (, or find out more on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Love, Lucy xx

*Tokyo Treat sent this box to me FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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