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Keep Me Going, Cereal, Breakfast, Low Fat, High Fibre, Healthy

Keep Me Going c/o Freedom Cereals
For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day: I have a 45-minute commute to work so I have to eat before I leave in the morning. Anyone that works in an environment will vouch for me when I say that snacks are rife – there’s often a constant supply of sausage rolls, cakes and sweets – so if I don’t eat home, I end up snacking all morning. I’ve tried everything: cereal, toast, homemade granola, overnight oats, sugar-free pancakes and yet, I still can’t find anything that will tide me over all morning.
Keep Me Going, Cereal, Breakfast, Low Fat, High Fibre, Healthy

Keep Me Going c/o Freedom Cereals
That has changed now I’ve found Keep Me Going* from Freedom Cereals. When you look at how many products (particularly cereals) are marketed as being healthy when in reality they aren’t, it’s shocking. When I was at uni, I lived on Special K (because it was always on offer and that whole red swimsuit/drop a dress size ads campaign), believing it was the secret to my weight-loss. In comparison with Special K, Keep Me Going contains 60% less sugar, eight times les salt (say whut?), double the amount of fibre and has a low Glycaemic Index, so you don’t get those energy slumps. I’ve compared it against all the cereals currently in our cupboards and the stats are favourable:

Cereal (30g)
Calories (kcal)
Fat (g)
Sugar (g)
Keep Me Going
Sainsbury’s Pecan & Maple Crunch
Jordan’s Lighter Granola
Krave Milk Chocolate
Crunchy Nut Chocolate Clusters
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes
Alpen Dark Chocolate
At a first glance, the packaging is bright and would definitely stand out amongst competitors on the shelves of the supermarket. The front isn’t too busy with messages and the font is legible – the big bowl of cereal image is also enticing. Information about the brand and product are on the back and this isn’t confusing at all. The product is aimed at all the family and with this in mind, each pack contains a packet of trading cards for children to play with. These are based on the popular game Top Trumps, with an ‘Around the World’ theme, each card is a different country. With its flag on one side, on the reverse are facts, figures and general information on that country.
Keep Me Going, Cereal, Breakfast, Low Fat, High Fibre, Healthy

Keep Me Going c/o Freedom Cereals
Now onto the cereal, which is the perfect size: the oaty pillows are neither too large, nor too small; too hard, nor too soft. When having this cereal with milk, it doesn’t go soggy, even after five minutes of being immersed in liquid. The first day I had Keep Me Going with strawberries, the second with a teaspoon of coconut sugar, the third with blueberries – but my favourite so far is with Greek yogurt, fruit and coconut sugar. Because the flavour is plain, you can get creative, mixing with different fruits, yogurts and other cereals – the opportunities are endless! If you mix it with your everyday cereal, you’re also going to decrease the sugar content. I’m even tempted to blitz the cereal up and add it to my morning smoothie.
Every time I’ve had Keep Me Going so far, I’ve genuinely been full until lunch – that doesn’t mean to say I haven’t snacked, but it’s more eating out of boredom, rather than being hungry.
Keep Me Going is currently available from Ocado and if you click here, you can receive £20 off your order, plus an annual midweek fast pass.
What are you favourite things to eat for breakfast? Will you try Keep Me Going?
Love, Lucy xx

*Freedom Cereals sent two boxes to me FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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