Strawberry & Avocado Smoothie

In the lead up to my holiday, I’ve been obsessed with starting the day with smoothie. Surely there’s no better way to start the day – of course you need to be careful when choosing your ingredients and I often opt for veggies rather than fruit and make sure fruit is low fructose. Activated nuts are always a good addition too, soaking them overnight is recommended. I saw this recipe online was a little sceptical at first as strawberries are notoriously high in sugar, but I adapted it slightly (omitting other ‘sweet’ ingredients). This will make two servings.
·         ½ an avocado
·         150g strawberries, hulled
·         Muller Light Greek-style yogurt (I went for the coconut & vanilla flavour)
·         200ml unsweetened almond milk

·         Simple, put everything in the blender and blitz. As demonstrated below
In comparison to my blueberry & chia recipe, this one is a much prettier colour – I mean, it’s pink. I was a little worried about the avocado discolouring, but it was fine, even when left in the fridge for two nights (I made it on Sunday and had a glass Monday and Tuesday). The consistency was a lot thinner, but that was down to the ingredients. If you did want it a little sweeter, you can always add a touch of honey, or rice malt syrup.

Each serving contains 130kcal, 0.3g saturated fat and 8.2g of sugar (still less than a banana!)

Will you try either of my recipes? Let me know your favourite combinations in the comments.

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