Perfect pasta salads

It’s been ages since I shared a recipe post, so I thought what better than one of my current favourite things? Pasta salads are the perfect options for working lunch and will keep you full all afternoon. Both of these are so colourful and enticing. And because I have pasta for lunch, I don’t need carbs in the evening. Both recipes will make two servings and will keep overnight in the fridge.

Chicken & bacon pasta salad
-       60g whole wheat pasta (I used penne)
-       1 chicken breast
-       2 rashers bacon, fat removed
-       Tin of sweetcorn
-       1 beef tomato
-       ¼ of a cucumber
-       1 tbs fromage frais or natural yogurt
-       Lots of cracked black pepper

-       Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet
-       While the pasta is cooking, grill the chicken and later, the bacon
-       Once cooked, chop and set aside
-       In a bowl, combine the fromage frais/yogurt and pepper. Add the chicken and bacon and mix
-       Dice the cucumber and tomato and add to the mix. Drain the sweetcorn and add
-       Drain the pasta and once cooled, combine all the ingredients in the saucepan
-       Divide equally between containers and refrigerate
Prawn & rocket pasta salad
-       60g wholewheat pasta (again, we only had penne)
-       100g prawns
-       A handful of rocket
-       10 cherry tomatoes, halved
-       1 dessert spoon light mayo
-       1 drop of tomato puree
-       Couple of drops of Tabasco
-       ½ tsp paprika

-       Cook the pasta, according to the instructions on the packet
-       Make the dressing my combining the mayo, tomato puree, Tabasco and paprika
-       Add the prawns to the dressing and mix well
-       Drain the pasta, once cooked and combine the rocket and tomatoes
-       Divide between containers, top with the prawns and refrigerate
What are your favourite pasta salads? Will you be trying either of these suggestions?

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