April favourites

I can’t stop using my favourite springtime fragrances and as soon as we get a bit of nice weather I’m drawn to these two. I do opt for those fruity summer scents, which is why I love the limited edition range by Escada. But Roger & Gallet’s Gingembre Rouge is like a spicier version. It’s basically paradise in a bottle, with ginger accompanying the fruity notes of pomegranate, lychee and mandarin. The bottle too just screams exotic and just makes me want to go on holiday. I could probably include Marc Jacobs in every monthly favourite, but this month I’ve been loving Daisy – simply for its mix of floral and sweet scents. It’s not overly powerful in terms of its floral notes, which is great but it’s definitely the perfect light, spring fragrance.

As I write this post, I’ve had my hair cut finally – which is great because it was in such a need of a trim. The ends were getting so badly damaged, my hair simply wasn’t growing anymore, although it had got quite long. The length was the same and my fringe has grown out to the point, the cut was boring! My two most-used hair products this month were the Herbal Essences Bee Strong spray-in strengthening conditioner and the XXL plumping powder by Batiste. The latter is perfect for when you can’t be bothered to backcomb your hair and a tiny sprinkle of this powder onto your roots, will go a long way. It provides plenty of volume and you can easily style your hair once applied. While my hair has been in poor condition, I’ve opted for leave-in conditioners and I love the honey and apricot scent of Bee Strong.

Finally, I’ve been getting my tan on this month – I feel so much better when I have a bit of colour! I’ll be reviewing this product in more detail later in the week, but the Tantastic self-tan mousse is incredible! In short: no scent, no streaks, no stains. What more could you want from a tanning product? To prevent those dreaded orange knees/elbows/ankles/wrists, I love the Maddi Alexander rose beauty balm. It’s my favourite product to use on those areas regardless of tanning and I swear by it after I’ve had a bath. The balm is intensely rich so perfect for deep moisturisation. It’s also possibly the best product I’ve ever received from Latest in Beauty.

What were your April favourites?

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