What’s in my hand bag?

This is such a classic lifestyle bloggers post and because I’m really nosey, I love reading these kinds of post. Although it’s mainly to have serious bag envy over anyone with a Mulberry, or a high street bag which looks like it could easily be a couple of hundred pounds. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m very exciting!
The bag
I got this Ted Baker bag for Christmas two years ago and I’ve used it practically every day since. It’s perfect for work as it’s got two compartments, as well as the zip-up section in the middle for valuables. It’s even got a place for my phone and work pass. I love the size, the colour, the fact it’s still in very good condition and that it’s got the iconic Ted Baker bow. You can find similar here.
The contents
I couldn’t be without my purse (Accessorize) which is full of store loyalty cards, my business cards and Boots/Marks & Spencer vouchers. It’s very rare for me to have actual cash on me and I’m forever just putting everything on my credit card – food, petrol, you name it! I’m actually on the lookout for a new purse, because although this one’s big, it doesn’t have enough card holders. I’ve always got my keys on me too, as I use the car every day. I love my Barnet keyring.

For the working week, I alternate between two lipsticks – Illamasqua’s Glamore in Cherub and Wild About Beauty’s Nurtilips in Maddy. Both are a similar colour, are long-lasting and are moisturising. I love the finish of the Illamasqua lipstick and it never goes clumpy. I also carry around two balms and swear by Babylips. I’m currently in love with Peach Kiss, which has a neutral colour to it. My best friend Laura bought me the Disney Princess Lip Smackers collection and I’m currently carrying around Aurora – Spun Sugar Shine, which tastes like candy floss; it’s lush! My eye liner stays in my bag as I find it easier to apply when I arrive at work, as I’m less tired and have a bit more time. I use Clarins Instant Liner, which is perfect for creating flicks or the winged look. Obviously, my compact mirror comes in handy!

I don’t like the feeling of a hairband on my wrist, so I’ve always got a couple of Invisibobbles in my bag. I recently bought two lots from Latest in Beauty, so there’s no chance of me running out, or hopefully losing them all. I much prefer those to bands, especially when my locks are as damaged as they are.

My perfume of choice has since run out, but I like to carry a smaller bottle, a tester or mini atomiser in my bag. I’ve just finished using Burberry Brit Rhythm (30ml) which is a lovely light, fresh but floral scent. I’m moving on to the travel-size Escada collection.

I always carry chewing gum, a packet of tissues (note to self, buy some more), my phone (obviously taking the photos) and diary, with two biros (busy planning) as I love to keep organised with work and social events. I take my book to read at lunchtimes, although I love to read in the bath and before bed (new routine!). I’m currently reading The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Expect a review in two/three weeks.

What’s in your bag? 

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  1. Same here - I used to love her books and the ones she wrote under her real name. Keep taking advantage of offers online and now have so many books to read! :)


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