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At the end of March, my monthly Degustabox arrived and I think this one is my favourite to date. If you’re not familiar with the concept, Degustabox is a monthly subscription to food and drink products, the majority of which are new to the market. You get around nine products, all at a cheaper price than you’d expect to find on the supermarket shelves. The March box should have been named the Treats box, as it contained so many great snacks, perfect for Easter too.

The box contained:
·         A pouch of Jordan’s granola
·         Two bottles of Juice Burst
·         A bottle of BBQUE sauce
·         Two packets of Lindt assorted mini eggs
·         A packet of Jelly Babies berry mix
·         A packet of Sour Patch Kids
·         Two bottles of Crabbie’s alcoholic fruits
·         A  Kent’s Kitchen posh noodles pot
·         A box of Natvia sweeteners
·         Two packets of Brioche Pasquier baked bread bites
Just in time for Easter were the Lindt Lindor chocolate eggs in milk, dark and white chocolate. I gave one packet to my brother and shared the other with my parents, as let’s be honest, who doesn’t love these? They didn’t last long either! I’m definitely sweets over chocolate, so two packets of jelly sweets were much welcomed! The red and pink jelly babies are my absolute favourites so Jelly Babies berry mix are a genius idea (although it’s a shame they also contain the purple ones – yuk). I also love fizzy sweets so the Sour Patch Kids were right up my street, although a bit sour, even for me.
I’ve become such a granola fan, whether it’s for breakfast, a dessert or even a snack straight from the box. This variety of Jordan’s granola contains 30% less fat than standard granola, although I did find it quite sweet – probably because of the freeze-dried berries. This is another hit in our house though and probably my pick of the box.
The Brioche Pasquier bacon bread bites were another delicious treat and are basically like smoky bacon croutons! I ate them like a bag of crisps but I reckon they’d be tasty as a topping to a salad or soup. I would definitely buy these again – and pray there’s a variety of flavours too. The only other savoury product (excluding condiment) was the Kent’s Kitchen posh noodle pot, which I received in spicy Szechuan flavour. I can’t wait to give it a try as I loved the meal kits and other products from this brand in previous boxes.
I’m buzzing for barbecue season and I don’t think it’s too far away with the beaut weather we’ve been having recently. I’ve seen fellow bloggers and tweeters raving about this sauce. From Germany, the BBQUE sauce is apparently like nothing we have on our shelves. I can’t wait to get it open and if I can’t wait for our first family barbecue, I’ll be dipping chips into it, or chucking a rack of ribs in the oven! I don’t actually drink hot drinks with sweetener, but the Natvia sachets will come in handy with baking, or even sweetening stewed fruits. There are 10 sachets in the box and each serving contains zero calories. Again, I’m looking forward to trying out this product.
I’ve seen Juice Burst in a number of stores, but never actually purchased it as I don’t really drink fruit juices, as a rule. The mango and lime flavour was lovely, as it was more tangy than sweet and really refreshing. I was going to save the cranberry variety to use a mixer or make woo woo, but I just couldn’t resist when I saw it in the fridge this week.  The Crabbie’s alcoholic fruit drinks were the perfect spring aperitif. I preferred the raspberry & rhubarb to black cherry variety, as I found that quite artificial. But to be honest, I couldn’t even tell they were alcoholic.

Want to try Degustabox? You can by following this link and receive £3 off your first box.

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