Splurge vs Steal II

This month, I’m comparing facial serums.
Benefit Instant Comeback - £36 for 30ml

Superdrug Naturally Radiant 2-in-1 moisturiser & serum - £5.99 for 50ml

Benefit – as always, Benefit do not disappoint with their packaging, which is good as you’re probably paying for it! The box was cute enough, but the design of the bottle is so so pretty. It’s like something out of Alice in Wonderland and looks beautiful on my dresser. Once I’ve finished, I’ll probably still keep it. I love the cork style lid too.

Superdrug – Superdrug keep it super simple with theirs, in stark contrast. With bold plain colouring and very little text on the bottle, you can instantly see what you’re purchasing. This doesn’t look particularly exciting from the exterior, it’s not as pretty on my dressing table and it wouldn’t stand out in-store. For the price, you can’t expect much though.

Ease of application?
Benefit – it’s a pump mechanism, so can easily be applied to a cotton pad, before applying to the face. I always use two pumps which produces just the right amount. The only downside is, I have to apply moisturiser/night cream afterwards.

Superdrug – again, it’s a pump mechanism, but each pump gives a lot more product so I only need one per application. The 2-in-1 formula means I don’t need to moisturise.

Benefit – it’s quite runny and almost sticky. Luckily you don’t need much and it feels light on the skin.

Superdrug – this one’s a little thicker, so doesn’t run on the cotton pad, keeping its shape. Again, it also feels like when applied.

Benefit – I find this works best when combined with other Benefit products; I love the It’s Potent eye cream and Porefessional. I do love this though and if you suffer from combination skin (like I do in the warmer months), it’s great because it’s not a greasy product and the finish is matte/silky.

Superdrug – I’m not usually one for 2-in-1 products but this really is brilliant. As it contains moisturiser, I’m saving money and time and my skin instantly feels hydrated. As you need a small amount, it’s a really cost-effective product.

As cute as the Benefit bottle is, the Superdrug equivalent in my opinion, is miles better. Although both products last for ages as you only need a minimal amount, the Superdrug one gives the high-end serum a good run for its money. If I consider how much I spend on makeup and skincare, the fact there’s a massive difference in price but very little difference in terms of quality, Superdrug wins hands down. It may not look pretty but it definitely does the job. Even better, it’s always half price – so I may have to stock up.

Potential saving = £30.01

My saving so far = +£13.51

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