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I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages and have so many ideals for follow ups as I alternate my products so often. I do try and buy branded products because I believe you pay for quality. There are times though, when it’s just before payday and I’ve run out of an essential so have had to buy a cheaper dupe. This month, I’m looking at makeup removers.
Clarins Instant eye makeup remover - £18.00 for 125ml

Boots Essentials Cucumber eye makeup remover gel - £1.50 for 150ml

Clarins – like most of Clarins’ products, the packaging is really simple. I love that you can see the two layers of the liquid. If I saw this in the shop, I wouldn’t instantly be drawn to it, but it’s clean-looking and has all the information you need, written clearly

Boots – the bottle is green to emphasise the cucumber element, which makes it stand out on the shelf. The writing is written on plastic, as opposed to directly on the bottle and soon rubs off

Clarins – it’s a bi-phase lotion, which is oily and has to be shaken before use. The top layer is clear, while the majority is a blue fluid

Boots – as the name suggests, it’s a gel. It’s more wet, than jelly-like though, making it a thin product

Skin type?
Both products are for all skin types, making them a good choice for those whose skin varies from season to season

Clarins – this has a subtle fragrance, although it used to be fragrance-free. It’s sort of clean, crossed with what I can only describe as cotton woolly

Boots – obviously cucumber, but it’s clean and fresh too

Before – Clarins (L) Boots (R)

After – Clarins (L) Boots (R)
Clarins – you only need the smallest amount of product on your cotton pad as a little goes a long way. This makes the Clarins product great value for money – I previously had a sample of 10ml which lasted just over two months! The oily formula removes the thickest of black mascara/eyeliner and darkest of eye shadow, while also soothing and moisturising the eye area

Boots – you need a lot more of this product to remove thick eye makeup. It will take a couple of pads per eye as well, or else you’re left with smeary panda eyes. The cucumber soothes and hydrates and doesn’t irritate the skin

For me, there’s only one winner – the Clarins Instant eye makeup remover is my all-time favourite and I’m yet to find one better. It may be expensive, especially considering the size of the bottle (it looks smaller than it is, though). I never have traces of mascara the next day and there’s no such thing as clogged lashes as it dissolves all traces immediately and with ease

Potential saving = £16.50

My saving so far = - £16.50


  1. Although the Boots makeup remover is way cheaper, Clarins does sound a lot more effective! Besides, £18 really isn't that bad for a good quality makeup remover that lasts a long time! :) x

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

  2. I always end up buying it on their website too - you get three samples with every order, plus the loyalty scheme is pretty good :) x


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