I Quit Sugar | Week 8 review

I’ve done it, I’ve completed Sarah Wilson’s 8-week programme to quitting sugar. It wasn’t easy and I was often surrounded by temptation but I’ve managed it, I’ve come through the other end. I celebrated last night with the tiniest slither of hot chocolate fudge cake (and when I say tiny, I mean miniscule). I’ve lost over the minimum weight I wanted to lose, I now look at certain foods in a totally different light and I feel good about myself, for the first time in ages.

Now I’ve managed to be sugar-free for two months, I’m not going to be so strict on myself – if I want a banana or some pineapple chunks, I’m going to have it. I’m gonna stop with all the processed crap, because let’s be honest, it is crap. I’ve learnt some fab recipes for curbing sugar cravings and they are pretty good swaps. I’ve still got so much almond and coconut flours so I’m sure to be whipping up sin-free treats, too.

So, what have I learnt over the last eight weeks?

1.   You don’t have to have dessert every day. If you fill up on protein and veggies at dinner, there’s no need to have ice cream, cake or any other kind of dessert. In fact, it’s so much better to eat more savoury

2.   There is such thing as good fats. I was always really conscious about calories and fat content. But in truth, products which are fat-free are often laden with sugars. There’s nothing wrong with eating oily fish, nuts and avocado

3.   Snacking on fruit is only good if it’s low in fructose. I always snack on fruit at work, but things like mango, pineapple and grapes are really high in fructose, meaning the sugar content is high. I’ve been eating more blueberries – and snacking on nuts and raw veg instead

4.   Breakfasts haven’t got to be boring and they are the most important meal of the day. If you don’t have ‘time’ for breakfast, make a smoothie or juice but use more veg than fruit. You can also bulk them out with nuts and chia seeds to keep you fuller. Oats and quinoa are a great porridge mix

5.   Organisation is key! If you go shopping without a list or plan of action, you’re more inclined to pick up the wrong things. Likewise, meal preparation is important. If you get in from work and haven’t prepped or written a schedule, the chances are, you’ll go for convenience. I’ve loved making a week’s worth of meals ahead – and it’s even better if they’re freezeable so that you can have individual portions ready to go!

I’ve made some great meals throughout the programme, although I’ve found the website so much better than the book (even if everything is in cups, rather than grams!). You can find all my recipes here (look under I Quit Sugar), but here are just a selection of my favourites. 
Clockwise from top left: Thai-inspired beef noodle salad; Chai apple crumble muesli; Gingerbread smoothie; grilled chicken with Mexican-style salad; Sweet potato brownies; Chilli chicken
Has anyone else tried the I Quit Sugar 8-week programme, or anything similar? How did you get on?



  1. Love this post! I am super into keeping my body healthy and you're really an inspiration for anyone who wants to change their eating habits for the better.
    The tips are great especially the fruit one! So many people think that fruit is a free for all because it's natural!

    x Luisa

  2. Awh thank you for your lovely comments, Luisa :) all I need to do now is tone up and get a summer holiday booked! Btw, I've started following your blog!! xx


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