My Birthday | TGI Fridays

Where I ate:
TGI Fridays, Westfield Stratford, London

It seems like so long ago now, but for my birthday, I booked a meal in London with the girls. As we were staying in a hotel, my best friend Laura decided to drive to Stratford, where the hotel was and suggested going up early. After a mooch around the shops, we decided on some lunch and TGIs was the best option as we could share a few dishes. Unfortunately the tapas menu no longer exists, but we still enjoyed our meal. There was a 10 minute wait for a table, so we took a hand set and head to the bar for cocktails.
Laura chose the Paradise Punch (Southern Comfort, amaretto, grenadine and vodka, with pineapple, orange and lime juices) and as it was one of the very few cocktails I was yet to try, I gave it a go. I opted for a large, which was served in a large goblet.  It was really refreshing and went down way too easily!

What I ate:
Boneless wings in JD sauce, chicken strips, cheesy garlic bread and a side of fries
As we were eating a big meal in the evening, we chose a couple of starters and sides to share and yup, it was pretty much a carb-fest! We were both so pleased to see the boneless wings back on the menu and opted to have those with JD sauce rather than the hot sauce, which is frankly inedible. They were very similar to the chicken strips but both were lush. The cheesy garlic bread was also good when it finally arrived and the chips dunked in JD sauce were a winner.

After stuffing our faces, we head to the shops before going to the hotel to get ready for the evening – keep an eye for those two posts soon.


  1. happy belated birthday!

    xx danielle //


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