I Quit Sugar | Week 6 review

So I have two weeks remaining of the I Quit Sugar 8-week programme to go and I’m still feeling good, full of energy, organised and still losing weight. I also feel a million times better on the inside as well as the outside, which is the main benefit.

For week 6, it’s recommended to start introducing sweet flavours back into your diet and I’m currently in love with cinnamon. I have a box of apple & cinnamon teabags at work (you can buy them, here) which are great for an afternoon sweet hit. For breakfast all week I had the gingerbread smoothie, which was absolutely amazing. If you’re a gingerbread latte fan, you’ll love these sugar-free cold alternatives! They were packed full of spices including ginger, cinnamon and mixed spice – perfect. I also made the sugar-free Anzac biscuits (omitting the rice malt syrup), which kept me full during office afternoons. Keep an eye out for those posts in the coming weeks. I’ve also still got some shards of almond butter bark in the freezer – I’m keeping that as my weekend treat when everyone else is eating chocolate!

I’ve been so busy cooking IQS-approved dinners this week and have been making them for the family too. On Monday I cooked seared tuna steak with an edamame stir-fry and soy & ginger dressing (my brother gave it 10/10), Tuesday was Vietnamese steak noodle salad (only a 9/10) and on Wednesday I made the chicken curry which I didn’t like at all. On Friday, I went out for a pre-Valentine’s meal and treated myself to a dessert of apple and pear sorbet, which was lush. My main course was a simple pan-fried sea bream with potatoes and leeks, also very nice.

Week 6 weight loss = 1lb
Total weight loss = 7lbs

I’m already looking forward to this week and have just come back from the shops, ready to start getting creative. It’s also Pancake Day on Tuesday and I’ll be having savoury crepes for the first time! No lemon and sugar for me!

See you next Sunday,

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