January Favourites

As I’m talking about my January Favourites today, I couldn’t help but think a new year calls for a new font – hopefully this one is easier to read. Let me know your thoughts!

So what was I loving in January?

I bought a mini ring stack from Cherry Diva (check them out, guys) and I fell in love with it as soon as it arrived. Each is so cute and I may have stretched them to fit my chubby fingers, but ah well. I got seven in the set and they were only £1! What a bargain! I’m now obsessed with rings and pretty costume jewellery... I’ve also made another Cherry Diva order, so let me know if you’d like to see what I chose this time!

Stradivarius is fast becoming my favourite shop and it’s pretty much the first place I’ll go to when I’m at Westfield. Wearing a colour other than black is a rare occurrence for me, particularly for work. But I love this mustard yellow skirt and the berry jumper is so comfy too. It’s got those shorter length sleeves so not ideal for winter but I wore it to work the other day, teamed up with a plain black skater skirt and pumps.

My Real Techniques max coverage face brush and the little samples of Dior Star foundation (courtesy of SheerLuxe) have got me through the months. How late am I to the RT bandwagon, btw? I need to invest in more brushes but this one as a starter is ace. It blends foundation perfectly. Talking of perfect, the Dior colour and coverage is amazing – dare I say, flawless!

I also treated myself to a bottle of my favourite eye makeup remover. The Clarins one has a great formula, which not only removes the most stubborn of black makeup, but also moisturises the eye area and doesn’t irritate like other brands. It’s kind of oily, but not in the bad sense. Look out for a greater review soon.

I began the I Quit Sugar 8-week programme at the beginning of the month and have noticed the change in my energy levels, the lack of snacking and the inches from my waistline finally going. I’ve been obsessed with chia seeds and love how versatile they are – I mean you can have them for breakfast, add them to juices or smoothies, sprinkle on salads, stews or curries. Like I say, endless! I’ve also been all over quinoa. Check out my recipe tab for some of the things I’ve been cooking last month – find the I Quit Sugar title.

I finally read The Fault in our Stars. The film was so beautiful, I just had to read the book and it didn’t disappoint. I wrote a post about it earlier in the week, if you’ve not yet seen it. I just want to watch the film again now – and at least I know to get the tissues ready... I hope I don’t cry as many times on a second viewing!

Talking of films, there’s been nothing better than getting cosy in bed with a film. My brother bought my Chocolat for my birthday so I watched that for the first time in years – I’d actually completely forgotten about the plot. I also watched Something Borrowed as I wanted a real chick flick. I actually love Dex!

What were you loving in January?


  1. I really need to try the Dior Star foundation, everyone has commented on how good it is! x

  2. It is amazing! It's definitely my new favourite - can't find one that compares, especially cheaper ones xx


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