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This post will be short but sweet. After buying the Breville Blend Active, I had to give it a go. Unfortunately, none of the smoothie/juice recipes in the I Quit Sugar book are that inspiring. This was a mix of a couple of recipes, but I have to say it was really good. The colour obviously isn’t the best, but it tasted alright and made enough for two days (around 500ml).


·         300ml almond milk
·         A large handful of spinach
·         A small handful of blueberries
·         A kiwi
·         1tbs chia seeds (optional)


·         Peel and cut the kiwi and put it in the blender
·         Add the blueberries and spinach
·         Pour in the almond milk and add chia seeds (optional)
·         Blend until smooth
·         Serve with ice and leave any remaining mixture in the fridge

Please let me know if you have any smoothie recipes to try out – I really want to use my blender again!

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