I Quit Sugar | Week 7 review

I’ll keep this post short and sweet as I’ve left it really late this week – I’ve been at Jake’s all weekend and dad’s been using my laptop to watch football. I’ve only got one more week of the programme to go and I’ve got to say, this has been the easiest New Year’s resolution ever. I’m so pleased I’ve stuck to it and I’ve learnt so much along the way – I’ll definitely be seeing sugar in a different light from now on.

I’ve made so many recipes these past couple of months and there are some definites I’ll continue to make. Last week I made the chai apple crumble muesli, which I had for breakfast every morning with natural set yogurt. It was incredible and it actually felt naughty eating what is normally seen as a dessert, for breakfast. I gave the chilli chicken a go – which was a hit with the family.

I was even good on Pancake Day, having cheese, ham & spinach, followed by almond butter and half a frozen banana. My fillings were so much more interesting than the standard lemon & sugar!

I’ve not weighed myself this week as I woke up at Jake’s today, but ate out on Saturday night as well as lunch today. I’m starting to feel a lot better about my weight – my next mission will be to tone up before summer holiday (which isn’t booked yet, but soon will be!).

Next week will be my final review, but I’ll continue to post the recipes as I’ve got so much to share!

See you next Sunday,

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