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At the end of last month, I received the latest Degustabox and with it being January, this one was named the ‘Healthy Box’. How many of you have stuck to your resolutions? I heard on the radio that most people don’t last longer than six weeks but I’m happy to say I’ve stuck to mine and this box was much welcomed! I couldn’t wait to get the items out! So what was in this month’s box?

·         A bottle of Alfa One rice oil
·         A carton of Koko dairy-free milk
·         A pot of Kabuto noodles
·         A packet of Finn Crisp
·         A packet of Sukrin bread mix
·         A bottle of Magners Light
·         Two bottles of Little Miracles juice drinks
·         Two pots of Mornflake porridge
·         A jar of Haywards piccalilli
And a special gift – a box of Clipper green tea with lemon
Clipper green tea with lemon
I love green tea and drink so much of it at work – easily three cups a day. The lemon flavour is one of my favourites and Clipper is one of the few brands I’ll always look to buy. I was really pleased this was my extra goodie, but the box didn’t last a week so I need to buy some more!

Koko dairy-free milk
I’ve stopped having regular milk and have recently been buying almond milk, particularly when I make smoothies for breakfast. The Koko milk made from pressed coconuts is allowed on the IQS programme and I used it to make the gingerbread smoothie.

Little Miracles
These drinks are made with tea and fruit juices and are seen as a healthy equivalent as they contain agave. I received the black tea & peach and white tea & cherry varieties and hadn’t tried either before. Looking at the sugar content, it’s still pretty high, so I’m hoping they’re not too sweet for me, because they sound really lovely!

Magners Light
I don’t really drink that much, in fact I’ve only just got round to drinking the Eisberg wine from the previous month’s box. But when I have a drink at home at the weekend, there’s always a variety of fruit ciders to choose from. This little bottle looks yummy and at only 103 calories a bottle, isn’t too bad, considering.
Kabuto noodles
Think of this as a glorified pot noodle – just not scummy. You simply just need to add water, so it’s perfect for a working lunch. I got the miso soup flavour in my box and added 100g prawns and a couple of handfuls of wilted spinach to create a more substantial meal for dinner.

Sukrin bread mix
Bread that’s 1g of carbohydrates per slice, surely too good to be true? Hello Sukrin for this beautiful beautiful creation. This sunflower and pumpkinseed mix is also free from gluten, so frankly, can do no wrong. All you need to do is add water and bake. There’s no better smell than homemade bread and I can’t wait to give this a try.

Finn Crisp
I hate original Ryvita because they’re far too thick, dry and cardboardy tasting. I don’t really eat much bread either, so these crackers are perfect for me. They’re so thin and crunchy – and only 20 calories a slice. I ate the whole box in two weeks, with some meats, cheese and crudités – yummy!
 Mornflake porridge pots
Although I’m going sugar-free, these pots are perfect for working breakfasts and let’s be honest, there’s probably not much better than Nutella porridge?! I love having oats in the morning as they keep me full until at least 11am. Even though there are so many porridge products on the market at the moment, surely these have the edge as the little sachets are so cute and everyone loves a sweet hit.
 Alfa One rice oil
As everyone knows by now, I love to cook and although we use Frylight in our house, this is a great alternative. It claims to be one of the healthiest and most versatile cooking oils, as well as being high in Vitamin E. Mum made cooked roast potatoes in it and they were just as crisp as normal, plus it’s great for stir-fries!

Haywards piccalilli
I’m not gonna lie, as much as I love pickles, chutneys and condiments, I really have a strong dislike for piccalilli. I’m not sure if it’s the colour, the chunks or the mustard, but it’s horrid. Luckily, it’s my Mum’s favourite and although she bought a jar for Christmas, I’ll be giving her this as well – she may even give it to my Nan! Either way, it’ll go!

Did you get the Healthy Box? Leave your links below so I can read your thoughts. 

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