I Quit Sugar | Week 3 review

I won’t lie, I really didn’t want to document this week as I feel like I’ve really failed. Up until Thursday, I did really well and stuck to my diet plan; Friday was the day I fell off the wagon.
All week, I knew I’d be going out for lunch and dinner on Saturday and potentially out for lunch on Sunday and all week I was craving Chinese so bought some on the way home from work on Friday – but I also had Mc Donald’s chicken nuggets for lunch. It was only 0.6g of sugar, but I felt so naughty. And so bloated afterwards. I honestly feel like I’ve eaten so much this weekend as my birthday celebrations came to a close – and I’m pretty sure the weight I previously lost has come back on. I’ll be doing my weigh-in tomorrow instead.
I’m determined to be more organised this week and really try to continue where I left off before this minor blip. To aid this, I bought a planner in Paperchase at Westfield today – it’s basically a 7-day chart which you write your meals in. There’s also a notes section and a shopping list pad which will come in useful at the weekends. It’s currently hanging on my bedroom wall, so I’ll be looking at it often.
I’ve also used my Breville Blend Active this evening and made a smoothie to have for breakfast before work – it’s something I can quickly chuck back and was half from a recipe, half improvisation. The colour isn’t the best but it tasted okay – as good as blitzed greens and seeds can taste anyway.
I made the cheese biscuits from the I Quit Sugar recipe book, so will be blogging that this week. There’s still a couple left, so I’ll be snacking on those and unsalted nuts in the afternoons and my morning snack will be satsumas again. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of restaurant posts coming up as over the last two weekends, I’ve eaten out six times. Some were good on-plan meals though!
Catch up next Sunday,

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