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Something a little different for bed time reading, but I had heard nothing but good reviews about I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson, so just had to buy it to see what the fuss was about. It’s probably not the best thing to read and attempt with Christmas coming up – but at least it’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions already in place. I want to quit sugar.
To be honest, I really don’t think my consumption is a problem and I began the book with an open mind. But as I read the introduction and background I soon realised, I probably am addicted to sugar and it’s actually worrying the amount we consume on a daily basis. Even when we think about good, natural sugar – at the end of the day, it’s still sugar! I don’t even want to work out my average daily sugar intake; it would be far too terrifying!
The chapters are split into weeks and each week has its own objectives as you embark on your sugar-quitting journey. It’s basically an eight week detox designed to slowly wean you off the white stuff. Sarah’s story was a great insight and almost a motivation for me to try and give it a go – she was a self-confessed sugar addict – and the tips and recipes along the way are most helpful.
After the eight weekly chapters, there’s a guide to all the utensils and equipment you’ll need, as well as helpful tips to get you started. Two important things to remember are say no to wastage and the freezer is your friend. The latter I learnt on a Jamie Oliver programme – it’s amazing what you can freeze and in some cases, it actually makes the produce better for you. It’s not all text either, there are infographics which make understanding the fact and science easier; while there are loads of images of food, which all looks incredible!
The majority of the book is dedicated to recipes – and there are 108 sugar-free offering, organised in a number of categories which range from breakfasts, smoothies and juices, to savoury snacks, desserts and even kids meals. While I believe that most children consume far too much sugar with so much convenience food on the market, I don’t think I’d make my child be totally sugar-free. Those days where fizzy drinks and sweets were issued as treats are long gone... In fact, my parents used to tell my grandparents not to give us sweets – we used to have fresh pears from the garden and greengages from the grocers.
I cannot wait to start this journey and just have a look at a couple of these treats which look divine!
Source: I Quit Sugar
Salted caramel halloumi and apple... mmm!
Source: I Quit Sugar
Raspberry ripple, apparently one of the most popular recipes... it looks lush!
I thoroughly recommend buying this book as it’s a really interesting read. I feel so much more educated regarding my food choices and the fact there’s so many recipes to try out makes this journey more achievable. So here’s to enjoying the next couple of months, but to a sugar-free New Year – to being happy and ultimately, more healthy!

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