October favourites

This month, I’ve been
WEARING  Cosy jumpers
Oh my gosh, how cold is it getting?! I really hate going to work and coming home when it’s pitch black too, and it’s only gonna get worse! You can’t beat a cosy weekend in, all snuggled up in a cosy knit and I think that’s how I’ll be spending all my free weekends from now until the New Year. If only I could hibernate and resurface when it’s at least 20 degrees!
TESTING  Maddi Alexander rose pillow spray
I received this product in the Latest in Beauty Maddi Alexander Rose Limited Edition box – full of rose scented bath and pamper products. This 50ml spray has been designed to help unwind, relax and encourage a good night’s sleep. I’ve using the product every other night and while the smell isn’t as long-lasting as I’d hoped, it is really calming. I feel ready to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and I’ve found my slumber pattern has improved. If anyone knows of a similar product, please let me know!
SMELLING  Snow Fairy
Who cares that it’s only just turned November, my obsession for Snow Fairy began nearly two months ago! I love the bright pink colour, the fairy dust glitter and most of all, the sickly sweet scent of bubblegum and pear drops – it’s gorge. I bought two 500g bottles recently but I know I’ll definitely be buying loads more before Christmas... I love to stock up so that I can use it all year round! I’m loving Candy Mountain and Magic Wand this year too.
EATING  Ryvita thins
As soon as it turns cold, it becomes soup season and I end up having soup every lunch time at work (note to self, make some carrot and coriander... mmm!). I try not to eat bread and I don’t know how anyone can eat the original Ryvita crackers – they are so much like cardboard, it’s unreal. Ryvita Thins have become my favourite things to snack on, they’re so light and crisp. The cheese and black pepper ones are lush but I’m yet to try the sweet chilli, so hoping they’re as nice. Roughly 30kcal per slice, btw...
LOVING  Bourjois cream blush
Ever since I switched from powder to cream blush, I’ve not wanted to go back and I’ve this product to be a complete revelation. I thoroughly recommend it if you’re wanting to try a cream blush or if you’re on the hunt for a brand different from your norm. Even though it is a cream blush, the formula turns to powder once it’s applied, but it’s not grainy and so much easier to blend. I currently have shades 02 (healthy glow) and 03 (rose tender) in my makeup bag and love both!
LUSTING  Shearling jacket
I’ve wanted a shearling jacket for as long as I can remember – it was only last autumn I finally bought a pair of shearling boots. I just think they look so cool, I love leather-look exteriors, with the fluffy warmth of fur/wool inside. They really are perfect for winter. I actually ordered one from House of Fraser, but it didn’t fit so please please let me know where I can buy one.
What were you loving in October?

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