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Firstly, apologies for taking so long to upload this post, I am aware that my work awards was a month ago on Friday – eek, time goes so quickly. I realise I didn’t actually take many pictures, other than an obligatory toilet selfie so had to wait until other photos from the night were released.
What I wore
Source: AX Paris
Maxi dress – AX Paris
Heels – Linzi
Cuff bracelet – AX Paris
Okay, so I think everyone knows how much I love AX Paris and I do buy most of my dresses from their online store. There are so many styles to choose from, they really do cater for everyone’s body shape and personal taste. Everything is so affordable too. Initially I couldn’t decide what I wanted to go for, but managed to whittle it down to these three: Chiffon Strapless Jewel Maxi, Crochet Side Detail Maxi Dress and the Plain Elegant Chiffon Strapless Dress. I settled on the third option, in nude over navy, as my dress from last year (also AX Paris) was dark blue.
I was really pleased with length, the fit and the quality of the material. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from AX Paris and been unhappy with it – it was perfect for the formal occasion. The only thing which concerned me was my heels getting caught in the floaty fabric and although it nearly happened once, there weren’t any wardrobe malfunctions – which was my main worry! The style was flattering and after a two course meal and countless bevvies, my food baby was well hidden! It washes really well and because it’s chiffon, doesn’t need ironing. I’ve found it hangs well too and when I was transporting it to and from the event, it didn’t get too screwed up.
My shoes are really old and are just from Linzi. I was going to wear my white peeptoe heels I wore last year (I blogged that, here). I think my feet have shrank as these are a size too big now and consequently, weren’t the most comfortable for nearly 10 hours of use, but my feet weren’t too sore when I went to bed.
I completed the look with a new purchase – a cute cuff bracelet from AX Paris (again!). I really have a thing about costume jewellery, and while I have my fair share of expensive/designer pieces, you can’t beat having something cheap you can just throw on and quickly finish an outfit or make a statement. I’m always worried I’ll lose my Tiffany necklaces or the chains will break when I take them off after a heavy night.
Here are some photos from the night...
Pre-drinks and canapés
Clockwise: Dale, Laura, Georgia, Chris, Gary, me
Toilet selfie!

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