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I think everyone is aware of my addiction to sweeties, especially pick n mix. But I’m gonna surprise you all and say I’ve not eaten sweets in a good three weeks. No matter how healthy I eat, I always undo all my hard work by gorging on sweets – particularly those blue and pink bottles!
I recently received an email from Sheer Luxe, containing a feature about sugar-free snacks and I’ve even picked up the I Quit Sugar book, which is a journey I’m looking forward to embarking on... I digress. Slim Fruits was one of the products on the email and described as a guilt-free treat, these little sweeties are sugar-free and fat-free. Similar in texture and size to Rowntree fruit gums, these don’t get stuck in your teeth, make you feel full and are full of fruity flavour.
Each serving contains five pastilles and each packet contains roughly five servings. One serving comes in at just 10 calories and contains 1.9g of fibre – that’s more fibre than a slice of granary bread, 50g of brown rice, a handful of nuts or an apple!
They are an Australian product and are currently only available in two flavours – luscious peach melba and rhubarb & strawberry – I bought one of each to try both varieties out. They’re available from Holland & Barrett, Boots and Amazon and are priced at £1.89 per 24g packet.
Firstly, how simple and bold is the packaging. The size of the boxes is excellent for on-the-go, they’d easily fit in a pocket or small bag – I just keep mine in my drawer at work. They’re perfect for those afternoon sugar cravings, especially when you’re after a quick burst of energy.
I’m really not a fan of peach flavoured things and don’t like the fruit either, but this flavour of Slim Fruits is lovely – I think it’s because you can taste the raspberry too. The rhubarb & strawberry are my favourite though, they’re so fruity and refreshing. I really hope they introduce other flavours – I’d like a lemon & lime, a piña colada and something like kiwi & watermelon!
Have you tried Slim Fruits? What were your thoughts?

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