Sunday Snapshots #29

This week, I planned my meals after looking at The PCOS Diet Book. I’ll be posting a meal plan in the next couple of weeks, but I found it so easy to stick to. I eat healthily anyway, but I was seeing if the plan would make me feel better as well as lose weight. My lunch at work on Tuesday was incredible – Italian meats and cheese with salad and pickles. It definitely made a change from the chicken salad I have most days!
Midweek selfie! A serious bad hair day meant sticking my hair in a massive bun with my invisibobble for work. Not that you can see my outfit, but it was H&M Basics – a black long-sleeved top with hot pink skirt. Now it’s getting warmer, I’ll probably end up wearing my hair up a lot more and I’ll be using my straighteners a lot less, especially when I go on holiday!
I love sitting outside at work for lunch – it’s so nice to get some fresh air and when the sun’s out, it’s just beautiful. The area is so peaceful and luckily there’s never anyone else out there which makes it even better. The only thing is, it’s difficult returning to the office once my hour is up!
On Saturday, I went to Ipswich docks for breakfast and it was the perfect morning to be outside so early. I went to Isaacs on the Quay and had a sausage sandwich, with a cappuccino – and it was lovely, reasonably priced too. It’s just a shame I didn’t stay very long, as it would have been nice to go for a walk afterwards.
Happy June 1st! I can’t believe we are halfway through the year already – how quickly does time go?! Again, the weather’s been beautiful, which meant getting one of my maxi dresses out the wardrobe. I bought this one last year for my city break to Madrid. I still love the print and bright colours and look forward to wearing it more in the coming weeks.  I was only going to Sainsbury’s, so chucked on the bleached sleeveless denim jacket (also Boohoo) and some black sandals, from Linzi.
I hope you all had a good weekend.

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