Review: Superdrug face masks

Purifying cucumber peel-off mask
Enriched with natural cucumber and lime extracts, Superdrug’s purifying cucumber peel-off mask soothes tired, dull skin and gently lifts away dirt and impurities to reveal a newly revitalised and radiant complexion.
I was a fan of the Cooling cucumber clay mask, so had high expectations of this variety. I was, however, disappointed and I won’t be buying this particular mask again. The mixture was horribly sticky and just as hard to apply to the face, as it was to remove it from the sachet. As I’ve found with a lot of Superdrug masks, it took longer to dry than expected and as result, wouldn’t peel off well. My skin did feel clean and clear once it was removed, but there was no cooling sensation – despite the cucumber. As the mixture was practically clear, it was impossible to see if it had been applied evenly and it dried inconsistently. I’ll definitely be sticking to the clay masks from now on, I think.
Apricot exfoliating mask
A wonderful mix of crushed walnut shell and apricot seeds that gently remove dead skin cells to reveal a d smoother, brighter complexion. Delicately blended with nourishing apricot kernel oil and moisturising aloe vera, this leaves skin feeling luxuriously soft and silky.
While I do try and exfoliate twice a week, I’ve never actually combined that treatment with a face mask. The apricot exfoliating mask smelt lush and compared to previous masks I’ve tried, found it so much easier to apply – probably due to the consistency of the mixture. This wasn’t runny or sticky, easy to remove from the sachet and just as easy to apply to the face. I applied in circular motions to feel the benefits of the scrub – and have to admit, my skin felt so much cleaner and clearer than the average mask. It dried within 10 minutes and only used half the pack. Once I removed, patted dry and moisturised my skin felt so soft. I would definitely purchase this again and recommend it.
Which Superdrug mask is your favourite?

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