Sunday Snapshots #21

I hope you’ve all had a good week – here’s what I’ve got up to.
My healthy regime has been given a boost with the arrival of this DVD. I attempted the full work out on day one, only to find I was awful – it was far too quick and complicated. The toning section is my fave though and the pain from squatting the next day is definitely worth it. To be honest, I’ve been meaning to tone up for ages but buying this has certainly got my bum in gear.
I treated myself to a couple of bits from Candy Hero, perfect for when I go off plan at the weekend. I’ve wanted the gingerbread Flipz for ages, but Tesco didn’t have them in their American section. I don’t care that the festive season is over, they sound amazing! You can’t go wrong with Jelly Belly beans either – I use the excuse they’re good for strengthening nails and are fat free. Not bad after all.
On Friday night, I went out for dinner and drinks with friends. It was a late birthday meal and also nice to catch up – I hadn’t seen Janine since an engagement party last year! I wore the dress I won on Little Mistress’ Facebook competition. The style is so flattering, with the panelling and the Oriental-inspired detailing is also cute. Fine food, lovely wine (and prosecco) and good company; what a perfect evening I had.
Work has been fairly busy this week, but there’s no greater satisfaction seeing your hard work pay off. I was so excited when The Guardian was delivered on Saturday, as I couldn’t wait to show my parents the product I launched this week. I felt so proud seeing the final product in the press.
I also had to pick up my glasses this weekend. I need them for driving at night, but also for long distances if my eyes feel tired. I chose these Ralph Lauren frames as I couldn’t find a style to suit my face – plus tortoise-shell never goes out of fashion. It sounds weird, but I like them.
Did you have a good weekend?

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  1. Love your glasses! I picked up some Ralph Lauren sunnies for Aus and they're hands down my favourites! Glad you had a good birthday too xx


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