Graze: 14.10.13

In this box, I got:
  • Lemon and poppy cake with an afternoon infusion
  • Super berry detox (blueberries, green raisins, goji berries and cranberries)
  • White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (raspberry infused cranberries, white chocolate buttons and hazelnuts)
  • Cracking black peppercorn
I LOVE the cracking black peppercorn rice crackers, so when I got this box with three new snacks to try – and ones I’d wanted for ages – I was really pleased.
The high-tea tea and cakes are perfect for work and are so much healthier than the usual cakes, sausage rolls and chocolates that are dumped on the snack desk. This lemon and poppy seed cake is lovely and light and the lemon flavour is so subtle. Slightly citric, it works so well with the tea (which blends Assam, Kenyan and Earl Grey leaves). At little over 80 calories, it’s also a lot better for you than many other ‘diet brand’ cakes. If only boxes of five were possible – I’d be sorted for afternoon tea every working day. LIKE
Super berry detox is exactly that, containing all the vitamins you need – as well as boasting a ‘one of your five-a-day’ stars. This booster box contains blueberries, raisins, goji berries and cranberries and while it’s nice to snack on when you’re in need of a sugar fix, I mixed mine with natural yogurt for a healthy breakfast. LIKE
I really thought I would like the Graze take on white chocolate cheesecake – I mean, it contains chocolate: what’s not to like?! It was just far too sweet for me and the hazelnuts were so dry and bland, they spoilt the taste of everything else. Give me an actual slice of cheesecake any day – a low fat version, of course! BIN

Follow this link to receive three complimentary boxes – remember you can pick any snacks you like and can also cancel at any time. What better way to keep to that ‘eat healthy’ resolution than with some guilt-free treats?

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