Restaurant review: GBK

Where we ate:
GBK, Westfield Stratford, London
When you think about it, GBK is to burgers what say Nando’s is to chicken. Once you’ve had a GBK burger though, they’ll never be the same again. A few Saturday’s back as part of daddy/daughter day, I took my dad to GBK en route to Barnet. He had never been before, but it’s somewhere Jake and I often go to when at Westfield – because it’s so convenient, almost like fast food made a thousand times better! You may have to go up to order your food, but what you do receive is fresh and incredibly tasty, it’s actually worth the (occasional) queuing.
What we drank:
Me – diet coke
Dad – large Budva
What we ate:
Me – avocado bacon burger (beef burger with avocado, bacon, mayo, relish and salad)
Dad – cheese burger (large beef burger with American cheese)
As you can see, the burgers are huge! Every time I go to GBK, I order something different, there’s just so much choice as well. For some reason I was craving avocado and hence went for the bacon avocado burger – last time I had chicken, but this time went for beef (I definitely preferred the chicken though). We didn’t even have room to share chips, but the chips are amazing!
I also love that the soft drinks are served in their bottles, there’s nothing better than an ice cold coca cola, in the glass bottle, with a straw. Is it me, or does it taste different from a can or plastic bottle?
For the health conscious (you can’t really be, if you’re frequenting a burger joint!), GBK serves up a naked burger, replacing the bun with salad and coleslaw. I don’t tend to eat bread much, but you can’t have a burger without a roll – come on! While you wait for your food, you’re also welcome to help yourself to as many monkey nuts as you like – they’re next to the condiments in a hessian bag, in a wooden crate, so you can’t miss them. A nice touch, I think – not that I had any.
Despite how busy Westfield gets, you’re never waiting too long for a table, or to order your food and the atmosphere is far from hectic. This time round, the restaurant was far from full, but there always plenty of staff on hand to ensure you’re enjoying your meal or if you want anything else. My dad really isn’t into that ‘fast food’ culture, but surprisingly, really enjoyed himself and I’m sure we’ll return!

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  1. The avocado burger sounds amazing! I only ever go to GBK once in a blue moon but I love their skinny chips! xx


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