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So we’re almost midway through July and summer is definitely here. I know I’ve already had a mini-break, but I’m now desperate for a proper holiday! I’ve spent a fair bit of time flicking through magazines and browsing the net, so this post is dedicated to some must-have bits and pieces I’ve got my eye on.

The Perfume Shop
Escada – Cherry in the Air

25ml – £24.50
50ml – £29.99
I love Escada’s summer fragrances: flirty, fruity, fun and really get me into the holiday spirit. The bottles are always really gorgeous and this is no different, with its cherry print and little charm. Because each year’s offering is limited edition, I feel like I must have it – and collect the bottles too. Cherry in the Air is a blend of sour cherries and raspberries, with notes of marshmallow and sandalwood. I tried the tester at the airport and it was just lovely – not a patch on my fave Rocking Rio though. Do you like Escada’s range of perfumes?

I never wear a swimming costume (I mean who wants massive tan lines?!) but when I saw this a few weeks back on Missguided’s Twitter feed I instantly loved its sweet cheekiness. It comes in blue as well, but I’m definitely a coral kinda girl. If you find this print a little too daring, there are plenty of others available – I loved the bubblegum bottle print (because I love the sweets), but it’s no longer available. Are you a party rings princess or a liquorice allsorts lover?

You cannot beat a pop of colour on your nails during the summer months. It’s almost as vital as highlighting your hair or buying a new bikini (or two). I love the vibrancy of the polishes in the Suncatcher collection and particularly love palm tree and mango martini. They’re both colours I never wear. There’s also a collection called Fairground, with pastel shades which are really cute. Which colours are you currently wearing?

Mari Tote

I am always after a new bag; I think when it comes to retail, bags are my obsession. This tote is not only practical, but the perfect size and can be used all year round. I can’t decide on a colour though: the tan is professional, the coral is fun and the mink is different. I can’t resist a sale either and Accessorize never disappoint. Despite never being able to make up my mind over a bag and using it constantly until I buy the next, this is the one.

Dungarees appear to have made a comeback, unfortunately it leaves me with flashbacks of wearing them as a kid, when my mum dressed me up. That said, when I saw these, they were different – largely because they aren’t denim like every other pair at every shop! AX Paris is my go-to shop for dresses, but I’d never checked out the jumpsuit/playsuit section of their website. When it comes to clothing, I never really go for print either, particularly something so old-fashioned looking – but the paisley is pretty. The lace top the model wears on the website is also really nice, but I’m sure a plain tee would go just as well. What do you reckon?

What currently catches your eye?

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