Sunday Snapshots #13

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already – where does the time go?

I was ill last weekend and the beginning of the week, so apologies for no snapshots last Sunday. The worst thing about being ill was not having an appetite and spending large parts of the day inside, than enjoying the sunshine. I’d not had marmite on toast since I was about nine either, so this rekindled childhood memories.
On Wednesday I passed my driving test! It’s true what they say: third time lucky! I am so glad it’s out of the way now and look forward to going car shopping. I’m still insured on my brother’s car though, so can’t wait to go out in that as well. Hopefully it’ll open up a few more opportunities for me.
One of many parcels for me this week were this collection of gorgeous treats. I love Candy Hero and there’s way too much choice – I could have easily spent £30 or more! The Lifesavers are for my dad, who asks me to buy them every time I order. Surprisingly, I’ve not eaten everything yet, but that’s probably for the best, or I’d be straight back online!
Thursday nights are always boring, with nothing good ever on tv. I took matters into my own hands and decided on a film with popcorn in my mum’s bed. Having read Confessions of a Shopaholic not that long ago (you can read my review here), I decided to watch the film – and I was feeling something girly! You can’t watch a flick without a bowl of popcorn – mine was from my Graze box, (with a twist of black pepper, which is lovely!). I’ve bought about eight dvds this week so at least that should keep me occupied for a while.
How gorgeous has the weather been this weekend?! In between watching Wimbledon (I’ve always loved it – if only I was remotely sporty...) I’ve been out catching some rays. I also appear to have got more colour in this country than I did when I was in Madrid (lobster red is still colour, right? I’m sure it’ll soon go brown too!). I spent Saturday organising my recipe cards for my folder, having written a few up from tatty magazines. I’m currently reading LA Candy by Lauren Conrad and so far, I love it. Expect the review when I’m finished as well.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and had plenty of pimms! Until next week...

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