Sunday Snapshots #12

New daily necessity ~ Much needed sugar rush ~ Surprise hen do shenanigans ~ Happy Father’s Day!
I don’t know about you, but the week has really dragged and despite this, I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing, epitomised by the lack of photos! My weekend was pretty good though, despite the weather (and more about that later) so I can’t have too many complaints!
First of all, meet my new love. It’s this moisturiser by Dove and it’s now part of my daily routine, after showering. I’ve always sworn by Palmer’s cocoa butter, but when I saw this in Superdrug for half price (RRP £4.99), I could not resist. The combination of shea butter and sweet vanilla is just gorgeous and it leaves my skin feeling super soft – I definitely recommend it!
If anyone knows me well, you’ll know I’m constantly craving pick n mix (I have such a sweet tooth!). So when I had to buy a couple of bits for Saturday’s picnic, I just had to give in to temptation. Candy King always has all my favourites: bubblegum bottles, strawberry milkshake bottles, cherries and those yummy chewy, chocolatey, crispy bites (whatever they are!). I’ve been healthy all week, so we all deserve a treat every now and then!
Saturday was my friend’s hen party – and she gets married in September! It was organised by a couple of others so was a complete surprise, she didn’t even know who was invited. We had a picnic in Saffron Walden and had planned to go on to Cambridge for an afternoon of punting, but unfortunately the weather got in the way. We went for a meal (and several jugs of Woo Woo!) in the evening as well, which was lovely (and I’ll be blogging about that at some point). As you can see, I wasn’t really dressed for the weather, but it was a good day – and I can’t wait for the big one!
A throwback shot of me and my daddy, as Sunday was Father’s Day. We never really do anything to celebrate and my dad doesn’t like us making a fuss with cards and gifts, so it was pretty much a normal Sunday in our house. I did get him a card though, and a bottle of Fentiman’s gin & tonic (one of his favourites). I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. Mum made dinner in the evening and we had roast duck with hedgehog potatoes and veg. I watched the tennis and dad spent the day gardening – exciting I know!

I hope you all had a good week. Did you do anything special for Father’s Day?

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