Graze: 17.04.13

In this box, I got:
·         El Picante (jumbo salted corn, spicy chilli peanuts and mini paprika breadsticks)
·         Sticky chocolate pudding (milk chocolate drops, jumbo raisins and green raisins)
·         Very nori-sh
·         Pomodoro rustichella (cheese croutons, basil and oregano almonds and mini tomato breadsticks)

I still can’t work out whether or not I like El Picante. I’m not a fan of the corn because it’s too salty for my liking, but I am in love with the mini breadsticks and chilli peanuts aren’t too hot and very moreish as well. It got me through a morning in the office (when I was interning) – there’s only one way to decide what I think and that’s to try it again!
Think Dairy Milk fruit and nut bar, minus the nuts, with added fruit and you’ll have sticky chocolate pudding. Because it’s also one of your five-a-day, you won’t feel guilty about eating the chocolate and will still get a sugar fix. There is no reason to dislike this!
I love the Graze rice crackers and very nori-sh (geddit?) is no different. The soy is sweet yet sticky and the seaweed doesn’t actually taste of anything. At only 59 calories, these are so much healthier than crisps and taste just as good! I just wish there were a couple more in the punnet.
The taste of Italy in a little box, pomodoro rustichella is like minestrone soup but in the form of these yummy crunchy snacks. The mix of cheese, tomato and herb nibbles is just divine – and again, I love the mini breadsticks! I ordered this with ‘send soon’ and now I can’t work out why I didn’t try it sooner!

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