Graze: 01.05.13

In this box, I got:
·         Nacho libre (salsa almonds, cheesy sombreros and jumbo chilli corn)
·         Cracking black peppercorn
·         Apple and cinnamon flapjack
·         Twist of black pepper popcorn

I requested nacho libre with ‘send soon’ after wanting to try some new nibbles. Mexican with a twist, nacho libre is a crunchy mix with plenty of flavour, not too much heat and a little tang. The salsa almonds make this and are a combination of herby and sweet tomato seasoning.
Having had Tyrell’s chilli rice crackers before, I knew I’d just love Graze’s black pepper equivalent. And I do – they are just so moreish! To some it may be overly peppery, but I love pepper so don’t mind that. In fact, I want some of these yummy snacks – now!
The apple and cinnamon flapjack is definitely my favourite of all the flapjacks Graze makes. Apple and cinnamon is such a classic and winning combination. The dried apple pieces are almost indistinguishable because of the softness and chewiness of the oats. Three finger slices just isn’t enough and I imagine if I had a box with four punnets of this in, my tea times would be amazing for a week!
Being a fan of the black pepper rice crackers and pistachios, I knew the popcorn would be a similar hit with me. You get so much in that tiny pouch and there’s definitely more than enough for two (although you won’t catch me sharing!). This makes it an ideal treat when watching a film or cuddling up in front of the tele. Not as good as the sweet, but tastier than the salted, it was enjoyable but not one I’d love every fortnight!

And if you want to try these (or anything else for that matter) for free, you can by checking out the website and entering B1MFKZN

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