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Firstly I apologise that this post is so picture heavy, but I could not resist but get snap happy when showing off this little beauty!
I blogged before about my ClairaBella hoodie and thought I’d share my most recent purchase – my personalised jute bag. If you follow me on Twitter, you will have already seen me show it off!
I got mine in medium, which proved to be the perfect size for hand luggage when holidaying. That said, I’m also desperate for a large one, although I don’t know when specifically I’d use it. I think I’m addicted!
The best thing about the ClaireaBella brand is that each aBella is individual and relates to you and your look, meaning no two aBellas are the same! I chose mine with the following characteristics:
Personal text: Luce
Hair style: long
Hair colour: brown with highlights
Outfit: glitz
Eye colour: blue
Skin tone: fair

Each bag arrives with a cute charm tag saying ‘handmade with love’ as well as having the ClaireaBella classics tag, proving it’s an authentic product. Believe it or not, there are so many copies out there and having seen some of them on Twitter, there’s no way they match up to Claire’s brand! The quality is very high, but you’d expect that from the price and length of delivery.
In your little package, you also receive this really cute thank you note – I love it, and mine has pride of place on my bedroom wall! It’s a really nice touch, I think.
I thought I’d also use this opportunity to mention my new wish list, particularly as Claire has a couple of new products/designs out. I’m seriously in love with the leather satchels and should probably start saving for one – how cute would it look walking to the office!? There are so many colours to choose from, but I think I would go for tan or black, just classic and not quite as ‘out there’ as the hot pink or teal. The jute bags have a couple of new designs and I know if I was a gym bunny, I’d get a jute with the gymaBella design (but I’m not soo...)! I would still love a canvas as well – maybe when I finally get a flat!

What are your favourites from the ClaireaBella range, and like me do you have a never-ending wish list?

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