Sunday Snapshots #8

Tuesday treat ~ Love summer ~ End of my internship ~ Put a ring on it ~ Weekend worker
The weather this week has been absolutely gorge and while I was in town on Tuesday afternoon, I just had to go and buy a Rossi’s. I ended up sitting inside because it was cool with the AC on and sat in the window, it meant I could people watch – always fun in Brentwood. I always buy something different when I go to Rossi’s and this time opted for strawberry and ‘nana.
Another good thing about this weather is the summer salads and berries – I’m loving lunchtimes at the moment! I had a whole punnet of blueberries for lunch after having some celery and pepper sticks. I’ve already planned my lunches for the week: I bought strawberries at the weekend and two salad pots. Hopefully the weather holds out!
So Friday was the final day of my internship in North London and other than waking up at 6:30am, I’m sad to not be going back. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much, I’m already feeling a bit more positive about finding something full-time and permanent! On my final day I had to compile a newsletter (see picture) and write a couple of bits for the website – I’m already looking forward to seeing the fruit of my labour later on this week. My portfolio is already looking better with copywriting and marketing work in another field.
Before you say anything, no I’m not engaged! This is my new obsession though – the Tiffany app! I only downloaded it on Friday and I’m already addicted. Basically you design your own ring from their collection, before ‘trying it on’ (taking a photo of your hand and positioning it). You can then save and share them – although there’s the option to book a fitting... I don’t think I’ll be doing that just yet!
It’s been a busy week, which ended in me working at West Ham on Saturday lunchtime. Standard vain shot of me on my journey to Upton Park! I could think of worse ways of spending my weekend and my holiday fund is starting to look halfway decent (five weeks on Thursday!), so I can’t complain.

I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend, taking advantage of the weather! x

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