April’s book: Cocktails for Three

I love the books of Sophie Kinsella and after reading a couple from the ‘Shopaholic’ range, I moved on to a title from the group of books she writes under real name, Madeleine Wickham. I recently purchased Cocktails for Three and thoroughly recommend it.
I can always tell if a book is going to be good by reading the back. This really drew me in and it does tell you all you need to know, in terms of what to expect: 
Roxanne: glamorous, self-confident, with a secret lover – will he ever leave his wife and marry her?
Maggie: capable and high-achieving – will she take motherhood in her stride?
Candice – honest, decent, or so she believes – how will she cope when a ghost from her past turns up?
The narrative revolves around these three central characters, good friends that work together and socialise together once a month at a cocktail bar. The three soon becomes four though, with a blast from the past invading and trying to separate the group.
Although the story can appear quite choppy, with each paragraph focused on one of the three girls, it’s easy to remember where you left off and the narrative flows well.
The editor of The Londoner magazine, she’s the quiet but calm member of the trio. It appears nothing will ever faze her or ruffle her feathers, that is until she experiences motherhood. Being stuck at home, away from work and her friends and under the watchful eyes of her mother-in-law, Maggie’s thrown straight into the deep end and struggles to cope. Having a baby turns her life upside down.
Glamorous and oozing confidence, Roxanne has a dark secret, one she’s kept under wraps for six years. She’s having an affair with a married man and neither of her girlfriends know his identity. When it appears he might just give up that life and start a new one with her, tragedy strikes, leaving Roxanne lonely and heart-broken.
An honest, decent and generous young woman, Candice hides a family secret. When a face from history appears at the Manhattan bar, the secret soon comes out and its consequences could ruin her career, friendships and life.
It’s a great summer book, making it perfect for taking on holiday. It took me about a week to read, but I simply couldn’t put it down – each girl’s story had me gripped. There was so much drama, it was almost like being there and something I could easily relate to. Reading each story was like having a catch-up with my own friends over a glass of wine and hearing their problems. When penning under her real name, Madeleine Wickham has a real way of writing so that you’re instantly absorbed by the characters and this is no different. I thoroughly recommend it.

Next month’s book – A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

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