Restaurant review: The Hawk

Where we ate:
The Hawk, Hawk Hill, Battlesbridge
On Monday, my nan and grandad treated us to lunch and we went to one of their favourite pubs: The Hawk at Battlesbridge. We’d gone quite recently but since our last meal, there have been a couple of changes.
Arriving at 2pm, we luckily missed the lunchtime peak, although the car park was completely full and there were few tables. It turned out half of the restaurant was closed due to refurbishment, but despite having to wait 10 minutes for a table, we enjoyed a drink in the bar before moving to our seats in the ‘west wing’ by the window.
We sat in the opposite section to where we ate the last time and it was a lot brighter – largely thanks to the beautiful weather on Monday, but regardless, there was less need for artificial lighting. Being right in the corner, it was cosy without being overly claustrophobic, but once other diners left, it felt like we were out of the way.
What we drank:
Mum – lime & soda
Dad – pint of Broadside
Robert – pepsi
Me – diet pepsi
Nan – Aspall’s blush
Granddad – pint of Stella
When we were at the bar, we found out a number of drinks were out of stock, which of course, was a bit of a nuisance. My nan normally drinks Aspall when it’s on draught, but unfortunately that was one of the drinks unavailable (along with all Sauvignon Blanc wines, pepsi max and pressed apple juice!), so she had to make do with the blush version.
Chicken & bacon sandwich
What we ate:
Mum – warm chicken & stuffing ciabatton with cranberry sauce and gourmet chips
Dad – Forestiere Chicken Breast (stuffed with asparagus and mushroom mousse, served on mash with roasted flat mushroom and buttered pea, broad and green bean medley)
Robert – grilled ribeye ciabatton with mustard mayonnaise and onion rings, and chips followed by toffee apple granny (pastry case filled with apple slices in a vanilla custard, topped with apple toffee sauce and oaty crumble, served with custard)
Toffee apple granny

Me – chicken and bacon sandwich with chips followed by peanut butter & chocolate cheesecake (smooth cream cheese topped with toffee, peanut butter and chocolate, served with crème fraîche)
Nan and grandad – gammon steak (served with a fried egg, fresh pineapple, seasoned chips and garden peas) followed by Bailey’s coffee
The menu was different to our previous meal and reflected the change in season – there were a lot more salads on offer and light bites in the form of starters: calamari, sharing platters, that kinda thing. The set menu was still available at £6.50 for a main meal and an extra course (starter and/or dessert) at an extra £2. Nothing on there really caught my eye and while initially it was a toss-up between the lemon & garlic half roast chicken and seasonal salad with chicken & chorizo, I eventually went for the sandwich. Although it was very good, I wish I’d gone for a ciabatta, because what both my mum and brother had, looked lovely.
Peanut butter cheesecake

As far as desserts were concerned, I’d had my eye on the cheesecake as soon as I saw the board. I love cheesecake, and after having the urge to make one last week, it was about time I’d put those cravings at bay for at least a little while longer. It was probably the nicest cheesecake I’ve ever had, although peanut butter in the cream cheese would’ve made it better! I think I could’ve eaten the entire dessert menu, look at the choice:

As always the service was very good, especially considering how busy it was on our arrival (although by the time we left, there were few diners remaining and most people were just having drinks). I’m hoping next time it will be nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the surroundings, as Battlesbridge is a beautiful place.


  1. Everything sounds so lovely! I'm taking Nan to Battlesbridge in a few weeks I think because she wants to look at the antique stuff so this is super helpful x

  2. She will love it there! There's also another pub called The Barge, but I don't think I've been there before. Enjoy :) x


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