Graze: 06.03.13

In this box, I got:

·         Coffee & walnut cake
·         Salt & vinegar nut selection
·         Fruity mango chutney (mango chutney with black pepper dipper)
·         Toffee apple

Coffee & walnut cake
After having this with ‘send soon’ last time, I was glad to try it again because it was so yummy. At 149 calories per punnet as well, it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, I was in such a hurry to consume the coffee and walnut cake, you’ll have to wait until next time to see what it looks like! I always try each element on its own, before mixing together to enjoy the overall taste. My favourite bit was the chocolate coated coffee beans, which was, as you’d expect, the strongest flavour. Mixing those with the sponge pieces and walnuts, it really did taste like a piece of coffee and walnut cake – if I closed my eyes, obviously. The raisins were a lovely addition and added a different texture. Hot Cross Yum has always been one of my favourites, so in comparison, this had a lot to live up to – but I think I may have found my new favourite.
Salt & vinegar nut selection
As soon as I opened the punnet, the smell was really overpowering – like the smell of a fish & chip shop, or strong smell you’d get when on a seafront. With that in mind, I was expecting the flavour to be as big, but it wasn’t. I love a really salty and sharp vinegar taste like your average packet of crisps. I’m also a big fan of flavoured nuts – whether it be chilli, honey or salt and vinegar – so I guess I was expecting big things. The portion size was spot-on though and was just enough to keep my snack cravings at bay for a little while – usually if a bag of nuts (or any other snack for that matter) is open, I could easily wolf my way through the lot.
Fruity mango chutney
Another of the snacks I was yet to try and being a fan of the dippers, I was looking forward to it. I don’t like Indian as I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, but I love mango chutney, I think because it’s so sweet. The black pepper dippers were good, but the dip was too spicy for my liking. When I looked at the ingredients, there were a number of seeds I’d never heard of, so I assume they were what flavoured the chutney and made it taste more like curry. If you like Indian food, you’d love this and it’d make a great starter or pre-meal nibble, but I didn’t like it at all.
Toffee apple
One of my downfalls is sweet snacks; I could honestly eat an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting if push came to shove. And I have always loved sweets. Toffee apple has become the perfect substitute for when I’m craving something sugary and at 68 calories a punnet, it doesn’t seem so bad. Toffee apple is slices of dried granny smith with a toffee sauce dip and is just amazing. The annoying thing about it is, once it’s gone, it’s gone – I could totally demolish another couple of punnets, but then I have no self control. I’ve had toffee apple so many times now, and I’ve loved it since the first one.

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