Restaurant review: Loch Fyne

Where we ate:
Loch Fyne. Duke Street, Ipswich
Jake and I went back to Loch Fyne for our Valentine’s meal. I hadn’t seen him on Thursday so headed up to Ipswich on Saturday morning. After the previous meal at Loch Fyne, we had already planned going there for Valentine’s – and like before, it certainly didn’t disappoint. With it being a Saturday evening this time round, we had too book and it was a lot busier, which made for a livelier atmosphere. And with it being Valentine’s, each table was candlelit, with a red rose.
What we drank:
Jake – coke
Me – large glass of Pinot Grigio followed by Disaronno & coke
What we ate:
Jake - 28-Day Aged Chargrilled West Country Sirloin Steak (served with twice-cooked chips) followed by raspberry sorbet (other flavours were lemon and mango & passion fruit)
Me - Thai Green Curry (with monkfish, king prawns and cashew nuts. Served with Thai fragrant rice) followed by crème brûlée (served with shortbread)
Because it was still ‘Valentine’s Weekend’ there was a set menu on offer, priced at £34.95 per person. This included a glass of champagne on arrival and three courses, followed by coffee and chocolate truffles. Although it was a reasonable price, there was nothing specifically that caught my eye and because I can very rarely manage three courses, decided it would be better to choose from the a la carte menu.
If you’ve seen my recipe posts, or follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I love my Thai cuisine, although I don’t actually like curry. A friend of mine had also recommended it to me and as the only Thai curries I’ve had have been chicken or beef, this was a little different. Obviously being a restaurant specialising in fish, it contained monkfish and king prawns. It was honestly the best Thai curry I’ve ever had – absolutely divine! At first, it appeared as if the portion was on the small side and obviously you’re paying for the produce (which is quality), but I was soon full up! I couldn’t really manage dessert, but remembering how good the crème brûlée was last time, I just had to have it again.
Jake went for the steak because he doesn’t like fish or seafood (funny considering the restaurant) and there are limited options for those fussy eaters: burgers and vegetarian option being the only alternatives. It looked amazing though and cooked perfection, so it was a good choice he made.
All in all, it was a lovely evening and despite being a lot busier this time round, the staff were still really attentive and our waitress was speedy, ensuring we had everything we needed. Hopefully, this’ll become our new ‘date night’ restaurant.
Pre-meal picture taking. My dress is £25 from AX Paris


  1. Love the colour of your dress. The food sounds amazing too x

  2. Thank you :) They had it in blue as well, but I do love coral! x


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