Nails: Ciaté caviar manicure

For Christmas, my brother bought me Ciaté’s caviar manicure set in Mother of Pearl. Growing up, I had always bitten my nails, so for some time I’d wanted to grow them long enough to have them painted or decorated beautifully. I’d seen this craze via Twitter and knew I had to check it out for myself.
Each pack contains all you will need:
·         One pot of Ciaté nail polish
·         One pot of micro-pearls
·         One funnel
·         One tray
Added to that, from experience, you will also need the following:
·         A clear space
·         A lot of time
·         Even more patience!
The instructions are on the back of the pack and also enclosed inside and while they are easy to follow, it can be very fiddly. I found I was getting nail varnish all over my finger, when I was pressing the beads down which made them stick to my skin and also smudge my nails.
How to apply Ciaté’s caviar manicure:
·         Paint each nail with one coat of Ciaté’s nail polish and allow to dry
·         Work on each nail at a time and add a second coat of the enclosed shade
·         Place your finger over the plastic tray provided and sprinkle the caviar pearls over your nail. Make sure you do this while it is still wet
·         Once fully covered, press down gently and compact the caviar pearls into your nail bed
·         Place the mini funnel into the caviar pearl pot and gently tilt the tray so that remaining pearls are back in the pot
·         Once finished, leave nails to try for 15-20 minutes

Unfortunately, mine only lasted two days before they started to chip and because the caviar and polish crumble off together, you are left with a bit of a mess. It almost looked as though I had attempted to paint tip-ex on my nails! I imagine they would have stayed in better condition had I added a top coat (note to self: buy top coat).

You can also create a number of patterns and the leaflet enclosed in the box gives you plenty of ideas to try out!
Next time I think I will go for a black and white monochrome theme or maybe Barbie pink with the white. I’m also desperate to try out the velvet manicure, also by Ciaté.
I’ll probably rate this 8/10, but only because it is quite fiddly and I’m the most impatient person in the world!

You can also buy the caviar manicure here and the velvet manicure here.

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